Innate Traditions presents:

Homeschool Pop-up, for youth ages 10-13 years old

At Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico

October 1st-8th, 2022

We will be hosting our first Homeschool Pop-Up in Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico, October 1st-8th 2022. This "homeschool pop-up" is for homeschooling / unschooling families of children ages 10-13 years old who:

  • Align with Steiner's / Waldorf philosophy and approach to children's developmental needs;
  • Center Nature, Community, Good food, Music and Art in your family's daily lives;
  • Are aligned with health-freedom;
  • Align with and respect biological truths;
  • Are looking to create something beautiful for your children.
  • Are looking to connect with like-minded families for potential long-term connections

(While the focus of this homeschool pop-up will be for ages 10-13, younger siblings may join us).


There are so many amazing Waldorf-based, Nature-based programs for our young children - and such LITTLE support and resourcing for our youth ages 10 years old and up. We are deeply inspired to help shift this reality around. We believe that if we want to have healthy adults in the time to come - we, collectively - must step up and take care of our youth NOW


The homeschool pop-up in Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico offers age-appropriate nurturance and exaltation for older children - through a BEAUTIFUL community-based, nature-based experience



Our DAILY RHYTHM for our homeschool pop-up in Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello, Chiapas, Mexico will be: 

  • Later morning breakfasts 
  • Morning activity in Nature from approximately 10am-2pm
  • Lunch and rest from 2-4pm
  • Afternoon class from 4-6pm
  • Evening fire, dinner, Son Jarocho music and storytelling

Evening music with Los Chalanes del Amor:



Our morning Nature activities are the following:

  • Kayaking on the Laguna de Tziscao
  • Hiking at the International Lagoon that divides Mexico and Guatemala 
  • Learning about the local coffee farms 
  • Going out on traditional Mayan boats to the island of Pojoj 
  • Visiting the Cenote Camarón and the Cenote Bartolo  (cenotes are limestone sinkholes, filled with groundwater)
  • Temazcal (sweatlodge) - a traditional way of prayer for all nations of people, that aligns us with the elements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), and more deeply connects us to that which is sacred and holy in Life.








Our afternoon classes will include the following:

  • Connective Music 
  • Woodworking
  • Weaving small bags
  • Painting


For the parents:

  • Yoga classes - 4 of our mornings together for parents (and the older children who would like to join)

Meet Your Guides:

Rachelle Garcia Seliga and Jose Juan Garcia Alfaro

Rachelle is a Mother, Wife and Midwife - whose work is dedicated to midwifing a cultural shift - in honor of our innate wisdom, personal authority and the sanctity of Life. She is the creator of INNATE Postpartum Care Trainings, offering a framework of postpartum and maternal WELLNESS care for health care practitioners worldwide. Together with her husband and elder, Rachelle has created Starseed Root School of Traditional Healing, a Private Membership Association that offers healing ceremonies, workshops and courses - to plant the seeds of harmony with Life, through active co-creation with Life. This homeschool pop-up is part of this work! Rachelle is the creatrix behind this homeschool pop-up, and will be doing the larger space holding for it, throughout it.

Juan is a Father, Husband, Artisan Metalsmith and student of midwifery. Juan is a firekeeper of the Sun Dance Fire and as well as for the Temazcal (sweatlodge) ceremony. Juan runs ceremonies in the tradition of his ancestors, the Wirrarika people of Mexico. Juan grew up in the countryside outside of Mexico City, helping to build his family home, raise animals, haul water, hunt and harvest wild animals and plants, and tending to his family’s hearth place with his Mother. Juan will be running the Temazcal for everyone during our homeschool pop-up.

Marcela Gándara and Adrián Barquet

Adrián y Marce, are the creators of Pop Up San Cris, an organization in Chiapas, that is focused on regenerative tourism and a profound connection with Nature, supporting and collaborating with local communities. Pop Up San Cris' purpose is to create safe experiences of connection - supporting people in feeling alive and adventurous - waking up our natural curiosity.  

Marcela's life work is in service to the Earth, and she enjoys sharing with people love and respect for Mother Nature; honoring and caring for the elements. Marcela's background is in both hospitality and nutrition. Adrián has lived in Chiapas now for the past 4 years, collaborating with various NGOs on projects that support cultural understanding within the lands of Chiapas. It is of deep importance for Adrián to share beautiful places with people - connecting our bodies with the land that surrounds us.  

Marcela and Adrián will be supporting our homeschool pop up with all things relative to logistics and communication in Chiapas. They are grateful to be able to learn from everyone and everything - and are present to guide us with honesty and authenticity. 

Mariel Rojo and Diego Corvalán

Are dear friends of Rachelle and Juan's, parents to two girls 11 and 14 years old, and incredibly talented musicians. Their group Los Chalanes del Amor has performed all over the world, offering family-style musical feasts to their audiences. Mariel and Diego will be sharing: Música Conectiva: Body, Voice & Collective Music - during our homeschool pop-up. This is a workshop where together, we discover the immense rhythmic and musical capacity that inhabits our bodies; Where we gain knowledge with fluidity, and enjoy; Where we develop our intelligent abilities through music and movement and play. 
Mariel and Diego will also be sharing with us a repertoire of popular music from several countries of Latin America and the Carribean, as well as the beautiful, uplifting, soul-nourishing gift of Son Jarocho music. Son jarocho is a regional musical style of Mexican Son from the state of Veracruz. It is a fusion of indigenous, Spanish, and African musical elements, reflecting the population which evolved in this region of Mexico. 

Maria Maldonado and David Ali Riviello Felix

Maria and David are dear family friends as well. Maria is a Mother, a Holistic Birth-Care Provider Partera, and an Elemental Fertility Guide & Educator. Her work & mothering is rooted in the knowing that we are a natural part of the Earth. As natural parts of the Earth we have the energy and the power that is the Earth, and the more that we re-member and regenerate a living-culture that honors the Earth, the more we will thrive. Maria will be helping to hold the larger space for this gathering with Rachelle, as well as leading the class on small-bag weaving. 

David is a father, biologist, traditional herbalist & eco-builder. He’s co-founder & treasurer of Asociación PARIANA, is passionate about crafting premium herbal medicine for his communities, growing nutrient-dense food & creating beautiful, functional ecologically conscious systems and infrastructure. David holds the awareness that humanity is at a turning point & is devoted to co-creating a fertile, thriving world for future generations. David will be teaching a woodworking workshop for the youth during our time in Chiapas.

Cost is $947 usd per person

$677 for siblings 3-6 years old

No cost for 2 years old and under


Cost includes:

  • 7 nights in cabins next to the Laguna de Tziscao (inside the Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello) - every family with their own cabin.
  • 7 breakfasts, lunches, dinner and snacks.
  • Round trip transportation from Tuxtla Gutierrez airport and the center of Tuxtla Guiterrez to the Parque Nacional de Montebello.
  • Transportation within the Parque Nacional de Montebello to all of our activities.

Space is limited to 10 families!