Innate Traditions Teaching Lodge:

Transformative Teachings for Current Times

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The times we are living in, call upon ALL of our engagement -

to bring down the wisdom, knowledge and understanding necessary to:

Elevate human consciousness,

Midwife a cultural shift, and

Create a new way of life on Earth.

Do you feel you are alive at this time to participate in this cultural shift?

Are you acutely aware of the challenges of these times - yet feel overwhelmed about what to do with what you know?

Do you feel discouraged by the destructive programming of the overculture and its negative impact on those around you?

Do you get stuck in despair and have a hard time trusting in the goodness of the world?

In this Teaching Lodge, we aim to explore the foundations for a LIVING CULTURE— one in which the individual and the collective may thrive.

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Culture is ALIVE

While the destructive cultural programming has immense effects, we can rest in the Truth that
CULTURE IS ALIVE and always evolving; it is not static and fixed.

We co-create CULTURE day by day, year by year.

While YES we must draw upon the wisdom our ancestors have given to us - it is time to stop romanticizing the traditions and ways of the past.

It is now the time to CREATE something NEW to guide us into the future.

NEW traditions and NEW culture - so that our future descendants can live in celebration of the LIVING CULTURE we helped to forge.

Wisdom, Inspiration, Exaltation

Innate Traditions Teaching Lodge brings together 5 women - to share our respective FRAMEWORKS, our orientations, our cosmology of LIFE - to inspire you in your own life.

We share the HOPE that we feel for the times we are living in and for what's to come, and we seek to inspire this HOPE within you.

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Humanity's Traditions Are Our Innate Traditions

‘Innate’ is that which is natural and inherent. ‘Traditions’ are those teachings that are passed down from one generation to the next.

Traditional medicinal knowledge is stored within our blood and bone memory, within the
Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Stars.

The more we heal ourselves from the destructive programming we have received, the more access we
have to this knowledge.

Nobody owns these INNATE TRADITIONS.

They belong to humankind.

Join us for an incredible week of inspiration, beauty and THE WORK.

Yes, I'm joining today

Maria J. Maldonado

BODY: April 3rd

Orienting to the territory of our bodies to connect to the ecosystems that sustain us. Reclaiming clarity of mind, peace of heart, and primal fulfillment through the activation of our intuitive technologies (breath, sound, movement), and from this place becoming a vessel for a New Ancestral Reality to be born. BODY (Tierra Story) is an interweaving of storytelling with guided sound, breath, and movement.

Maria is a Mother, an Autonomous Midwife, and an Elemental Fertility Guide & Educator. She offers a synergy of ceremonial & empirical, full-spectrum birth-care services, as well as formations & seminars on the reproductive continuum. Maria works with women & families desiring to activate their cyclical-elemental memory; and approach their reproductive care consciously & ceremoniously.

Margaret Garcia

BELONGING: April 4th

In this class Margaret will share how her querencia or sense of place is the gravity that holds her like an embrace from the earth. Through story, Margaret will share how her querencia or sense of place has allowed her to be with the full spectrum of our humanity - so that she can be with both the grief and gratitude of being a Human. Margaret will share her regard for her Humanity and invite others into inquiry about how they regard theirs and others'. People are in massive reordering and migration at this time, and Margaret would like to inspire others to notice how they relate to land and people and so that we may consciously create a new/old way of being where we can all have a sense of belonging.

Margaret is a flower loving mother, wife, and facilitator, who was raised in the mountains of Northern New Mexico where her family has lived for many generations. Margaret's family and neighbors taught her the beauty and complexity of being human and belonging to this jeweled Earth. She is passionate about the maintenance of traditional land-based knowledge, because these are the unique ways we express our humanity in balance. Margaret loves to facilitate groups as we participate and practice in the art of humaning with respect and in admiration for our ability to experience and witness many perspectives and still connect over our shared humanity. She lives and loves with her husband and two daughters and maintains a conservation farm, called Sol Feliz Farm, where they share their wisdom, beauty, and struggles of working to maintain our land base and relationships to community, culture and to Earth.

Rachelle Garcia Seliga


Resilience is accepting reality as it is - and adapting - to be able to thrive. This does not mean we need to 'like' nor 'agree' with reality as it is on Earth (in current or past times), however, there is a profound medicine available to us when we can ACCEPT. The medicine of this acceptance is insight into the deeper undercurrents of our human life on Earth. Orienting to our human history from a perspective vastly different than the overculture offers to us - offers us the GIFT of understanding the times we are living as a time of Unification; Unification of the Human Race.

Rachelle is a Mother and traditional midwife - whose work is dedicated to midwifing a cultural shift, in honor of our innate wisdom, personal authority and the sanctity of Life. She is the creator of INNATE Postpartum Care Trainings, offering a framework of postpartum and maternal WELLNESS care for health care practitioners worldwide. Rachelle lives and works from the understanding that the most effective and powerful usage of our collective energy comes from creating structures and systems that support Life and our connection to it.

Donna Maria Camps

SOUL: April 6th

We are living in very challenging times to remind us that we are empowered from within. Through our Soul we are able to experience physical reality as we know it. But, through our Soul and its innate gifts, we also have the ability and power to shift our reality. We have to know consciously what these gifts are, and how to master them, in order to shift our reality. These teachings have been hidden, because once we learn who we are, and master our innate abilities, we tap into our true identity and walk as “Gods and Goddesses” in the world of our own creation.

Donna Maria Camps is a certified Hypnotherapist, with a focus on emotional intelligence and behavior modification. In her career journey, Donna Maria has worked in both therapeutic and spiritual contexts— supporting those healing from severe abuse, those recovering from addiction and with inmates incarcerated in the Federal Prison System in Canada. Her formal training in behavior modification in combination with her training in Native American Healing Arts led her to create her own behaviour program: The Emotional Intelligence Workshop. Her journey has been guided by Elders from many nations in Canada, the United States and Mexico. She is a Sun Dancer and Sweat Lodge keeper of the Lakota tradition, and a Mother to 4 children.


POWER: April 7th

Using Power wisely. We all want and need power - whether its power from within or power over. Power confers rank and privilege and it is incumbent on each to use power wisely. Let's talk about what this means and how this looks.

Whapio is an Elder Midwife who has been tending women and families in birth for forty years. She has practiced as an Independent Midwife for 20 years and as a teacher of midwifery for 20 years. Whapio speaks often about Undisturbed Birth and has a strong belief in returning birth to the family. She created The Matrona in 2001 to educate Birthkeepers and Midwives in the art and science of birth. The way we give birth is a mirror of the emotional and spiritual maturity on this planet. Raising the consicousness of birth will raise the consciousness of the entire world.

Innate Traditions Teaching Lodge

April 3rd - 7th

At 12 noon PST all 5 days

1.5 - 2hrs each day

 LIVE, online through Zoom 

All classes will be recorded. Recordings will be available for 6 weeks, until May 20th.

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