Circle of Support

A monthly membership group for those who have *completed* INNATE's Training, to be seen, held and exalted - in our respective lives & our collective work.

As we discuss during INNATE’s Training: Babies have two layers of support in utero through the two layers of the amniotic sac (the amnion and chorion). The biologic design is for babies to have two layers of support upon being born (baby’s Mother/Father). Our human design is rooted in two layers of support.

These two layers of support are there to protect us.

Those who have completed INNATE's training are paving new pathways of Maternal and Planetary wellness.

Doing this work - in integrity with who we are - can often be very isolating.

This potential isolation is a large reason why many of us do not show up fully in our work and in our lives.

I created Circle of Support to offer you ONE essential layer of support.

Circle of Support offers you a soft landing

ground of community.


As women doing our work in this world,

we need places where we can both rest and push our edges;

Where we can be more expressed and held in care, with maturity.

We need spaces to express ourselves freely, outside of mainstream narratives;

Where we will not be 'policed'.

We need spaces where we do not need to agree about all things;

But when we disagree, we do so respectfully.

Circle of Support is a safe haven in the storm.

Circle of Support:


Meets once per quarter, through live, online circles - facilitated by Rachelle or guest teachers;

Has quarterly themes to potentize our space;

Offers an online community through Mighty Networks; and

Ongoing contact with me (Rachelle)!


Circle of Support is for those who have completed INNATE's Training and want to create community around the core values of: honesty, personal authority, and alignment with Nature.


Together we will: Heal. Hospice out this Death Culture. Midwife Thriving Life.
Create the beauty and excellence we came here to create


Membership cost is $22 per month.

While the themes of our Circles will run on a quarterly basis (4 quarters / 4 themes per year), I ask that you make a 6-month commitment upon enrollment (2 quarters).


Registration for Circle of Support is now closed and will reopen in December 2022 for those who complete INNATE's Training.