INNATE Postpartum Care
Certification Training 2025

with Rachelle Seliga

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INNATE Postpartum Care
Certification Training 2023

with Rachelle Seliga

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Class begins January 29th, 2025. Join the Waitlist to be the first to know when early-bird registration opens!

A nine-month holistic certification training on postpartum physiology and psychology for birth and healthcare practitioners worldwide.

As women and women’s care providers, we witness and experience the profound changes that occur through the childbearing continuum.

We also witness and experience the massive gaps in care that make the postpartum period so extremely difficult.

The solution is to honor the physiologic design of postpartum wellness:

When we follow this design, there is Maternal and familial health.
When we stray from this design, there is dis-ease.

INNATE’s Certification Training offers essential understandings into this postpartum physiologic design; a foundational pillar in the creation of a thriving human culture.

Become an INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner, and bring the change you want to see manifest - into your family, community, and world.

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"INNATE Postpartum Care- Certification training is an embodied, deeply critical and transformational experience which is pioneering a paradigm shift in how we treat ourselves and our Mothers. Every woman, Mother, birth and health care professionals needs and deserves this more than ever."

- Anna Ulmer

By the end of this training, you will:

  • Support your clients & community with an integrated understanding of the physiologic and psychologic requirements of the postpartum period
  • Offer a framework of postpartum wellness to your clients and communities in both theory AND practice - to stop the pathologization of Maternal Health
  • Learn about the new biology; working with science that supports Life
  • Fortify your innate wisdom as a birth and health care practitioner
  • Provide Mother-centered care and traditional postpartum care techniques - which offer tremendous healing
  • Bring healing to your own familial and ancestral woundings, in order to support Mothers and families with integrity
  • Step further into your role as an initiated adult, young elder, elder
  • Have a grounded vision for your business and create a sustainable business model
  • Create an incredible community of powerful women and learn from other health care practitioners from around the world
  • Understand how Maternal Health is foundational to humanity's health and how to effect improvements in Maternal Health in your community

"INNATE is not so much a training, as a space of remembrance and reclamation of the forces of nature that we are as women, as the creators of life. Rachelle holds a container to celebrate the magnitude and beautiful complexity of the female spirit, while honoring the voices of all those who came before and will follow. We are in the midst of an unstoppable paradigm shift. If you don't believe it, look and listen to the wisdom that comes through the classes of this training.. Women on every continent across the globe are awakening to their own truth and power. How my heart sings to be both witness and participant in this movement."

- Alicia Marie
Registered Nurse- Postpartum Home Visitation

This course is for you if:

  • You intuitively know that epidemic levels of maternal dis-ease is NOT normal
  • You want to participate in the midwifing of a cultural shift - where Mothers are centered
  • You know that thriving health is our birthright
  • You want your work to fuel you, but you presently feel burnt-out and / or overwhelmed
  • You need support in clarifying next steps and action plans in your work
  • You have a willingness to integrate your vision of wellness care into your work
  • You believe in personal authority, innate wisdom and the sanctity of Life

"INNATE’s Training is a mystical opportunity to unleash the winds of truth inside you, wailing to be set free. In addition to the content which will change how you hue the world, the space is a swirling cauldron around which you stand shoulder-by-shoulder with phenomenal women from across the globe. In this space, the magic of the teachings give you access to the deep joy and grave responsibility of conjuring together the next embodiment of the truest expression of human consciousness."

- Taryn Mckei
Scholar & activist

This course is not for you if:

  • You believe in top-down, hierarchical health care
  • You believe in superiority or inferiority of one culture / one peoples over another
  • You think experts know more about Mothers then Mothers know about themselves
  • You are not interested in self-responsibility
  • You are looking to copy an exact formula for your practice

Weaving the empirical wisdom of authentic midwifery with the latest scientific findings, in INNATE’s Training we stand for these simple truths:

  • There is a unifying, global postpartum tradition that is etched into our blood and bones. This global postpartum tradition is Physiologic Postpartum Care.
  • When we offer physiologic postpartum care as practitioners, we create massive, immediate changes within the field of women’s health.
  • When Mothers receive physiologic postpartum care - the postpartum period is deeply regenerative and nourishing.
  • How Mothers are cared for during the postpartum period is reflected in their health and vitality through their menopausal years and beyond.
  • True healing only exists within a field of safety - and a field of safety only exists when practitioners are actively engaged in their own healing work.

The ‘WHY’ behind postpartum care.

When we understand ‘WHY’ we do something, we understand the reasons and purpose of it. When we understand the reasons and purposes of it, we begin to value it. We come together in INNATE’s training to understand ‘WHY’ physiologic postpartum care assures health and vitality through menopause and beyond.

This ‘WHY’ is what has been largely forgotten in modern culture and postpartum care; even when the ‘HOW’ is remembered.

When we interweave the ‘WHY’ of postpartum care with the ‘HOW’ to optimally offer this care, the dominant cultural paradigm of ‘postpartum care as luxury,’ begins to shift to ‘postpartum care as necessity.’

Join us to learn the 'WHY' and the 'HOW.'

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“Rachelle's work has been truly transformative both for me as a woman and as a professional. The depth of INNATE's training and the authentic and grounded presence of Rachelle has given me access to deeper layers of my personal healing journey, and have strengthened my capacity to hold space for others.”

- Nikki Brewer
Student Midwife, Childbirth Educator, Doula, Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Instructor

What’s Included:

  • 9-month long intensive class and community container, lead by Rachelle and our experienced assistant teachers, and co-created with you
  • 3-4 LIVE, ONLINE classes each month, with pacing according to our co-creative journey together. Classes are always on Wednesdays, at 12 noon Pacific Standard Time / (3pm Eastern Standard Time.) We recommend you attend live for learning integration and interactive dialogue.
  • Recorded LIVE classes. All live classes will be recorded for those who can not make the class live, and stored in our online classroom, available to watch at your convenience.
  • Expert Sessions presented by INNATE Assistant Teachers, to exalt our understandings of postpartum WELLNESS.
  • Time for Question & Answers during each live class - to connect in dialogue and community
  • 2 Small-group mentorship sessions per month with INNATE Assistant Teachers
  • Practicum: Opportunities to practice Co-Counseling Sessions with other students
  • Pre-recorded videos from Rachelle and other experts to accompany live material
  • The 250+ page INNATE Postpartum Care Manual
  • Postpartum care package - with supplies for Closing of the Bones + Moxibustion
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Your Teachers:

Rachelle Garcia Seliga

INNATE Postpartum Care’s Training came through Mothering my daughter; it is for her and it is my legacy gift to the world.

I created INNATE Postpartum Care - Certification Training to midwife a cultural shift, with Mothers at the center - in service of Thriving Life. I am a mother, traditional midwife, women’s holistic healthcare practitioner, and global community member.

Through my years of midwifery work and holistic women’s health practice, interwoven with time with my elders and personal healing work, I came to understand that: There is ONE global postpartum tradition that exists - and that it comes from postpartum womens' physiologic design. And that the differences that exist in the world's postpartum traditions - come from the differences in our land-based environments. This ONE global postpartum tradition is Physiologic Postpartum Care, which is the foundation of INNATE’s Training.

With INNATE Postpartum Care’s Training, I am creating NEW pathways of "healthcare" within the fields of maternal and familial health, and within women's health – that you may fold into your current practice, or use as a platform to create your own stand-alone practice.

We must come together to create things that haven't yet been created - to meet the needs of postpartum Mothers – in my community and yours, and fire-start the change we need, outside the allopathic, pharmaceutical dominant system.

There is no educational pathway within allopathic medicine that teaches about Postpartum Wellness - and what is required to create, sustain and maintain that state of wellbeing. Rather all educational pathways of allopathic medicine are rooted in postpartum pathology: Understanding pathology and treating pathology, typically with pharmaceutical medicines.

While traditional medicine systems absolutely possess the theory and practice of Postpartum Wellness - if we want to create a Thriving Culture of Postpartum Care - then we must understand postpartum physiology. Because within postpartum physiology exists the unifying tradition of ALL postpartum women.

In my own outer-world work, I have learned three critical skills that must underpin our knowledge and skills as health practitioners / healers:

1. Healing can only happen within a field of safety. The true "job" of a health care practitioner is to constantly be engaged with our own healing work - so that we are anchored into both our wholeness AND our humility. Through this type of ongoing engagement in our self-actualization, we BECOME the medicine. We BECOME the field of safety. It is within this field of safety - that True healing can happen - and THIS is what we can offer to the people.

2. New leadership is required. The times we are living in on Earth are very specific, unprecedented times. We are living in a time of repair. We are midwifing this cultural shift of a Living Culture, simultaneous to the hospicing out of this death culture - that has been the overculture on Earth for thousands of years. This time calls for ALL humans to come into our power; so that we can walk on Earth as the noble leaders we truly are - and participate within the beautiful web of life as humans are intended.

3. We must be efficient and effective with our life energy. I believe centering the health of Mothers is the most effective ripple - to create change. My personal model for INNATE's training has always been that of concentric rings: Like a pebble thrown into the water at the center - and then those rings move out and out and out and out. INNATE’s Training is that pebble at the center → healthcare practitioners take INNATE’s Training → those healthcare practitioners work with Mothers and families → those families are nourished by the care they receive, and are able to fully show up to reciprocate this life energy into their communities.

Within this training, I offer my model of Postpartum Wellness: Physiologic Postpartum Care, as well as the personal healing pathways and eldering required to support you as an individual, and in your field of practice. I welcome you to apply to join me and thousands of other women who have completed this training, to midwife a cultural shift in Postpartum Care, and ultimately in the lives of families and the function of communities and culture, around the world.

Assistant Teachers:

Silvia Urbani

Silvia is a Mother, a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, a Pre and Perinatal Psychology Educator, and an INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner. She is a lifelong student and a teacher. Silvia lives with her family in the north of Italy and is the founder of La Prima Radice, a holistic care practice where she offers individual care, family care and professional training, interweaving pre and perinatal somatics, physiology, anatomy and spirituality to provide integrated healing especially for mothers and women. Her approach is Mother-centered, rooted in the innate wisdom of the body and in the serving of Life’s principles. Silvia strongly believes that healthy mothers and women are the base for thriving life and healthy communities, and that it’s imperative to realign ourselves with our Blueprint in order for us to heal, mature and thrive as a collective.

Luka Barba

Is a Mother, Wife, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist (BCST), Lactation Educator Counselor (CLC), Certified INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner, Pre and Perinatal Birth Psychology Educator, Abdominal Womb Massage Practitioner, Yoni Steaming & Belly Binding Practitioner. At the foundation of Luka’s work Deeply Rooted Healing, is a focus on generational and lineage healing - as she helps Mothers & families integrate and somatically process birth imprints (also referred to as birth trauma). Integrating these experiences supports individuals in avoiding the passing of traumatic experiences forward onto their future experiences, as well as onto the future generations.

Beebe Dericks

Beebe Dericks is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor and INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner, with a passion for women's health and pelvic bowl medicine. With a focus on supporting women through every stage of life - from menarche to menopause and beyond - Dr. Dericks is a trusted advisor for women seeking hormone balance, relief from pelvic pain, fertility support, and postpartum care. Her commitment to the teachings of traditional Naturopathic Medicine, combined with a deep respect for the innate wisdom and intuition of the body, make Dr. Beebe a valuable resource for women around the world. Whether seeing clients in person or online, she brings a radical and compassionate approach to her work, providing her clients with the tools they need to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Maria Maldonado

Is a Mother, an Autonomous Midwife-Partera, an Elemental Fertility Guide & Educator and an INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner.Seed to Body Care is her living practice where she offers a synergy of ceremonial & empirical, full-spectrum birth-care services, as well as formations & seminars on the reproductive continuum. Maria works with women & families desiring to activate their cyclical-elemental memory; and approach their reproductive care consciously & ceremoniously. She is rooted in the knowing that menarche, our first sexual relations, gestation, childbirth & postpartum, are sacred, physiological rites-of-passage, that transform the biography of our bodies and initiate us into new psycho-social roles & responsibilities. Moving through these initiations consciously, while witnessed and supported by the elements, our family & communities is ceremony. Ceremony sustains harmony: ser-en-armonia.

The Curriculum of INNATE Postpartum Care follows the map of the female body -

beginning at the pelvic diaphragm and ending at the head:


  • Developmental Psychology of Infants
  • Infant Mental Health in relation to Maternal Mental Health
  • The Autonomic Nervous System and Maternal health
  • Postpartum Care as the Foundation of our Social Eco-Systems; Creating a Thriving Human Culture
  • Historical context of Allopathic Medicine and Midwifery

MODULE 1: ROOT health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • Pelvic health in relation to women’s life-long health
  • Pelvic health and mental health
  • How women’s physiology mandates rest in the early postpartum period
  • The connection between postpartum rest and menopausal health
  • Postpartum self-care applications for long-term healing

MODULE 2: UTERINE health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • Uterine Anatomy and Physiology in relation to women’s life-long health
  • Exercise after birth as implicated by our physiologic design—women’s health continuum
  • Understanding the physiologic implications for WARMTH after birth for postpartum wellness
  • Birth Integration—tools to assist the integration of all types of birth experiences
  • Warming home therapies for the postpartum period – for health through menopause and beyond

MODULE 3: BELLY health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • Digestion throughout the childbearing continuum and appropriate postpartum foods
  • Understanding the role of postpartum foods to both prevent and treat ‘perinatal mood disorders’
  • ‘Motherfoods’—Supporting the Mother-baby dyad—nurturing healthy digestion and elimination for life
  • How Mothers’ diets affect the genetic resiliency of her grandchildren
  • Healing Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Muscle Separation)- the importance of this restoration for long-term health
  • Body Alignment: harvesting the benefits of postpartum hormones
  • Belly Binding—What our physiology speaks about this ancient practice

MODULE 4: BREAST health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • The Primal Continuum of Life and breastfeeding
  • Exogestation and postpartum healing
  • Supporting the Long-term Emotional Health of Infants-Toddlers-Children
  • Holistic Breast Self-Care: For Breastfeeding Support and Life-long Wellness
  • Postpartum Care—Essential to the completion of the ‘Rite of Passage’ of the Childbearing Continuum
  • Postpartum Sealing and Healing Touch- the role of honor and gratitude in postpartum healing

MODULE 5: THROAT health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • Lineage healing through pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Ceremony and Ritual- our ancestral inheritance
  • Elemental Medicine
  • Placenta: Re-connecting the human race with Life
  • Mother as Center: self care as a revolutionary act of love
  • Postpartum home therapies for family healing and integration


  • Brain Changes Through Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • The Healing Mechanisms of Postpartum Hormones
  • Postpartum physiology requires community support— and creating this reality
  • Maternal health- foundational to society’s health


  • Birth and Health Care Workers—Implicit Power, Privilege and Responsibilities
  • Inside/Out work: Reinstilling INTEGRITY into ‘health care providing’
  • Separation and Division – and Public Health
  • Creating a ‘Field of Safety’
  • Personal Authority as Health Care Provider

INNATE Postpartum Care is in honor of the ancestral wisdom of humanity and dedicated to the future generations.
- Rachelle Garcia Seliga

We understand that traditional medicinal knowledge and practices can create social healing - AND THAT - this traditional medicinal knowledge is stored within our blood memory, within the Earth, Air, Water, Fire, and Cosmic Mind. The more we heal ourselves—the more ACCESS we have to his knowledge.

We understand ancient postpartum traditions COME FROM our physiologic design, offering to us a blueprint of everything we need in order to thrive as newborn families.

What is shared in INNATE's Training is more important now - than ever.

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Class begins January 29th, 2025.

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Tuition for the 9-month Training: $3,949

All funds are in USD, and non-refundable.

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Wondering if this training is right for you? Hear from our Past Students:


Got Questions?

What is speaking to the collective at this time THROUGH the bodies of MOTHERS (re: epidemic levels of perinatal mood disorders and postpartum dis-ease) speaks to LIFE OUT OF BALANCE. Our survival as humans on this Earth depends on our re-orientation with the reality of our INTERDEPENDENCE – in our daily lives.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows - not the flower” â€• Alexander Den Heijer

INNATE Postpartum Care -
Certification Training 2025

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INNATE Postpartum Care
Certification Training 2025

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