Physiologic Baby Care Course

Beyond theories, opinions and ‘expert’ advice on child-rearing and raising, this course is a translation of human babies’ physiologic blueprint.

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In understanding the physiologic design of our babies & young children, we come to realize the ‘map’ we have been given to lay down a foundation of life-long health and vitality for them.

Following the physiologic design of human life - versus forcing our physiologic design into societal frameworks - is one of the best ways to assure thriving life for humanity.

This class is for those who have children - and for those who don’t have children. This class is for any human who is here to create Thriving Life on Earth.

By the end of this Training, you will:

  • Have an integrated understanding of the physiologic design of human babies
  • Know how to align with this design not just in theory - but in practice
  • Feel confident and grounded in your innate knowing of how to support babies to THRIVE
  • Bring healing to your inner child - to bring healing to the children in your life
  • Orient yourself to healthy hierarchy as an adult

Physiologic Baby Care has to do with healing the core belief system that "experts" know better about the health and wellness of our babies then we do, and about returning to our innate design and ancestral knowing, of how to raise the next generation in excellent health.

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This course will teach you what we have collectively forgotten; it will validate what you know to be true; it will soothe your heart and connect you with all of humanity. I love Rachelle’s embodiment of the matriarch. She is wise and kind, boundaried and loving, confident and humble. Funny and deeply honest. Her presence and teaching is very regulating and reminds me to both lighten up and take it all deeply seriously. It’s a balm to be in such a respectful and caring environment despite the limitations of online work. This course confirmed many of my intuitive choices in mothering with cultural and physiological data. I met many likeminded parents and gained so much grounding and confidence in how to approach what is now the greatest work of my life - raising children well.

Kesia Nagata, Mother

This class is what the world needs to heal from the trance of separation and disconnection we have all been fooled into believing is the way we are supposed to live our lives and raise our children. Rachelle teaches that a child raised in a world of connection not only creates a happier healthier child but ultimately a better world for all of us.

Adam Sweet, Father

This course is for you if:

  • You know that Mother is baby's first environment - and want to support this dyad design
  • You intuitively know that babies' health is contingent upon Parents' health
  • You know that babies' are inherently wise and want to better understand their wisdom
  • You believe in the importance of inside-out work
  • You know that thriving health is humanity's birthright

This course is not for you if:

  • You believe babies are unintelligent and unconscious
  • You think "experts" know better about babies then Mothers/Fathers know about their own babies
  • You think there is no connection between babies' health and adults' health
  • You are not interested in taking responsibility for your own healing
  • You are not interested in cultivating global community

“If the adult is centered and relaxed in connection with the baby, in rhythm with the baby—diaper changing, feeding—that baby will be in the conversation, in the act of doing it together rather than somebody doing it to them.” - Raymond Castellino

The 6 Classes of Physiologic Baby Care

Week 1 - Tuesday, January 23rd

The Forming of Our Children

  • Exogestation and the Mother-Baby dyad
  • A Quantum understanding of babies' development
  • The Autonomic Nervous System
  • What we really need to know about "Attachment"

Week 2 - Tuesday, January 30th

Family Culture As Foundation

  • A baby is born, a new family constellation is born
  • Creating Family Culture
  • Boundaries & limits
  • Healing familial and ancestral trauma

Week 3 - Tuesday, February 6th

Why Babies Cry

  • Needs Crying vs. Release Crying
  • Laying a foundation for health & resiliency in our children
  • Inside / Out Parenting
  • Healing your inner child

Week 4 - Tuesday, February 13th

Humanity's First Food - Breastmilk

  • What Nature's design defines as our 'schedule'
  • The -relationship- of breastfeeding
  • Mother’s nutrition & breastfeeding
  • The nutrition of breastfeeding

Week 5 - Tuesday, February 20th

The Medicine of Sleep

  • The cycle of babies' sleep
  • Mother sleep
  • Father/Partner sleep
  • Family sleep

Week 6 - Tuesday, February 27th

Elimination Communication & Babywearing

  • Demystifying and mystifying elimination communication (EC)
  • The basics of EC
  • The cross-cultural practice of babywearing
  • The physiology of babywearing
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This is a must-take class for everyone interested in human life, especially those wanting to become parents. This class should be mandatory before thinking of conceiving babies. Goosebumps and light bulb moments are guaranteed throughout. Oh and lots of tears, reckoning, and healing in the process!

Carla Haibi, Mother

Your Teacher / Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Rachelle Seliga is a Mother and traditional midwife, who has lived her last 20+ years in service to women-centered / family-centered birth, health and Life.

Rachelle embraces the original meaning of the word ‘midwife,’ which is caretaker of the people's health from ‘womb to tomb.' And it is this traditional model of midwifery, interwoven with Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Neuroscience that informs Rachelle’s work with babies, Mothers and families.

She is the creator and director of INNATE Postpartum Care - a postpartum wellness training for birth and healthcare professionals, which has trained hundreds of practitioners and supports thousands of Mothers and families worldwide.

All of Rachelle’s work is dedicated to midwifing a cultural shift – honoring our innate wisdom, personal authority, and the sanctity of Life.

Course Assistant / Silvia Urbani

Silvia is a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Pre and Perinatal Educator, Birth Story Listener, INNATE Postpartum Care – Certified Practitioner and Mother.

She also works as a Pre and Perinatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Sex and Birth Support Worker, and dance artist.

Silvia dedicates her work in offering holistic care and heart-centered support to women during their transition into motherhood and beyond, to provide a safe space for the unfolding of life.

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This course will give you crucial wisdom about how to raise your children in true health and harmony, and to tend to your whole family unit in ways that might allow it to flourish. You'll feel like you are remembering, rather than learning this information, because it is indeed so. This course can be one of the greatest gifts you ever give yourself and your children, as it has the potential to radically change the trajectory within your family (and hence within our culture) from one of disease, alienation, and suffering, to one of resiliency, health, and thriving. As a doula and a future mother, taking this course was one of the best things I could have done.

Inna Dagman, Craniosacral therapist and Doula

Physiologic Baby Care centers the Mother-baby dyad relationship, for thriving family health.

When families are thriving, they can contribute to the creation of thriving communities.

When communities are thriving, a world flourishing in love, truth and justice, will be manifested.

This course focuses on children 0-3 years old AND much of what is shared supports us as adults in our relationships with older children.

Course Format:

Class meets  LIVE, ONLINE, through zoom. Tuesdays at 12noon MST (11am PST / California time & 2pm EST / New York time)

Classes are approximately 2 hours long.

Time is allotted during each class for questions & answers.

All classes will be recorded for those who can not make the class live, and stored in our online classroom.

Class recordings will be available until April 30th, 2024.

+ For the duration of class, we will have a private, online community forum through Mighty Networks.

+ Three group mentorship calls will as well be offered during our time together, by Course Assistant Silvia Urbani.

Optional 3-Class Bundle ADD ON to Physiologic Baby Care's Course:

Natural Immunity & Our Children

Taught by Naturopathic Doctor Beebe Dericks

This class speaks to the physiologic design of our babies & children's immune system; and how we can work WITH this magnificent system to support their health in both the short and long term. Topics covered will include: Natural immunity; tending to colds, flus and fevers at home; as well as identifying root causes of childhood dis-ease.

Intact Baby & Toddler Care

Taught by Autonomous Midwife / Partera, Maria Maldonado

This class is to reweave the transmissions of male physiologic care through the generations. Together we will cover the function of the foreskin and its role in sexual-reproductive health, as well as understand the physiologic changes of the foreskin from infancy to toddlerhood. If we want a future where healthy masculinity is prevalent, we have to remember our boys Root & Sacral initiations.

The Fundamentals of Fathering

Taught by Men's work leader Dan Doty

In this class Dan will share his experience and perspective on how to Father with love and presence in our wild, modern times. Topics covered will include resourcing, presence, embodiment, how to build community, and how to provide and love others without sacrificing yourself.

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Although my "babies" are now almost 45 and 43 years old, I found all of the information of Physiologic Baby Care Course relevant and applicable. It is a course which offers an opportunity for deep introspection, transformation, hope and healing for the entire family. Rachelle GIVES with such depth, sensitivity and sacredness, that creates a safe space to feel the experience of receiving in a way that quickens to life the opportunity for me to reflect upon my own experience of being a young mother, of my own experience of being a grandmother, and of my own process of forgiveness....clearing the path for yet more LOVE.

Sherry Berger, Mother & Grandmother

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