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Community As Immunity: Preventing Postpartum Dis-ease

Are you frustrated that Maternal health is perpetually seen through a lens of pathology? Angry that Mothers are often centered as ‘the problem’ in regards to maternal mental health?

Are you wanting to understand Maternal Health through a lens of wellness? And understand how the resurrection of community is foundational to this?

This class is an exploration of WHY there are epidemic levels of dis-ease and dysfunction for modern Mothers – and WHAT is required for optimal postpartum healing and long-term health.

Together we will understand our physiologic design as a map, and how in following this map - we have clear directions to manifest thriving lives for Mothers, Families and Planet.

Here’s What You’ll Discover In This FREE, ONLINE Class with Rachelle:

  • How perinatal mood disorders are the SYMPTOM, not the problem; and how postpartum Mothers’ emotionality is a sign of health, not disease.

  • What is required to create, maintain and sustain postpartum wellness; TRUE maternal health.

  • The 5 cross-cultural prescriptions of postpartum wellness.

  • How our physiologic design REQUIRES community.

  • How SOCIAL SUPPORT is our innate preventative medicine to the prevention of perinatal mood disorders.

  • How Mothers’ are the canary in the coal mine for humanity – and how through the bodies of Mothers – we are being alerted to our collective need of immediate change.

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Rachelle Garcia Seliga

is a Mother, Wife and midwife, who has spent the past 19 years working with women and families, in service to woman-centered/ family-centered birth, health, and Life. She is deeply invested in the revitalization of community living as the most important medicine of our times.

Rachelle is the Creator and Director of INNATE Postpartum Care Trainings; offering a framework of postpartum wellness to birth and health care providers worldwide. And Co-Founder of Starseed Root School of Traditional Healing, a revillaging project and educational center.

All of Rachelle’s work is dedicated to midwifing a cultural shift – honoring our innate wisdom, personal authority and the sanctity of Life.

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