About Us - Innate Traditions with Rachelle Garcia Seliga

About Us

Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM

I have been working in the field of traditional midwifery care for the past 15 years. My work as a ‘midwife’ embraces the original meaning of this word, which is caretaker of women’s health from ‘womb to tomb.’

‘Innate’ is that which is natural and inherent. ‘Traditions’ are those teachings that are passed down from one generation to the next. Our innate physiological design offers us a map to health and wellness. We THRIVE when we follow that which has been laid out for us. Traditional medicinal knowledge is stored within our blood memory, within the Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The more we heal ourselves from the destructive programming we have received, the more -access- we have to this knowledge. It is from these understandings that ‘Innate Traditions’ was born. All of my work is dedicated to this Remembrance.

I run a Holistic Well-Woman Care practice, which tends to the health of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Current ‘well-woman’ care is based upon diagnostic testing, and diagnostic testing alone, is not health care. Health care is first and foremost preventative in nature—and diagnostic and curative when need be.

The principle modalities I work with include: Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, Holistic Pelvic Care™, Holistic Breast Care and Healing Ceremonies. These forms offer somatic trauma resolution, deep healing, and simple, effective ways to tend to the whole of who we are.

The care I offer is woman/family centered. I believe it is our birthright to receive the kind of support we want, when we want it, to evoke the change we are seeking. All of my work supports the connection with and utilization of what is inherently ours; abundant, creative power and thriving, vibrant health.

I am the creator of INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training and INNATE Advanced Postpartum Training, for birth workers, health care providers and traditional healers worldwide. INNATE’s system of care draws upon the modern sciences of Epigenetics, Psychoneuroimmunology, Pre and Perinatal Psychology, the Primal Continuum, Womanist Physiology and Anatomy and more, to teach that which the world’s postpartum traditions have always known: Postpartum care is a necessity and not a luxury for women’s LIFE-LONG health and well-being. Because women are the heart, the foundation of the people, thriving women means thriving families, communities and world.

I have my B.A. in Global Studies, and apprenticed for 6-years with midwives in Mexico and the United States- in both home and clinic settings. I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), through the North American Registry of Midwives. My mentorship with my elders Donna Maria Camps, White Cloud of the Carib Nation and Kanucas Durant Littlefish of the Ojibwe Nation, has spanned for the past 15 years, and deeply influences who I am as a person. My midwifery work has always paralleled my sustainable agriculture work: working on farms in the United States and Mexico; forming an urban-agriculture program for youth in Lowell, Massachusetts; and growing the majority of my own food at different times in life. The the plant-world taught me about ‘right-relationship,’ and this knowledge informs all that I do. The the plant-world taught me about ‘right-relationship,’ and this knowledge informs all that I do.

We live in such a technical world, that is thought to be so far advanced, however, collectively we are disconnected from that which sustains Life. Together with my extended family, we have created Starseed-Root Collective – A Community Education and Holistic Healing Arts Center, in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. Our center was birthed from the understanding that the most effective and powerful usage of our collective energy comes from creating structures and systems that support Life and our connection to it. We serve both the local and global community through courses, workshops, healing ceremonies and holistic healing therapies.

Innate Traditions is a Pastoral Health Association- therefore I am licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association rather then by the State. As a 1st/14th Amendment private health membership group, I have the freedom to serve you as you see fit and I am able to keep all of your information private. The laws that restrict health care in New Mexico do not apply to Innate Traditions’ members, as this is a private (not public) group.

This means that to receive holistic well-woman care, to participate in our courses and trainings, for personal consultations via Skype or phone and for all ceremonies, you must join our membership group which is entirely free of charge.

I have chosen this route of licensure because I know that we are innately intelligent beings, that our health and well-being is our own primary responsibility and that practitioners (like myself) support us on our healing journeys but do not ‘heal us.’ I believe that life is sacred and that we are inherently resilient and powerful; especially when aligned with life. All of my work blends spiritual wisdom with current scientific research and information.

Together with my husband Juan, we raise our children and do our life’s work all in the name of Love.

Please feel free to CONTACT me with questions.

Jose Juan Garcia Alfaro

Jose Juan Garcia Alfaro was born and raised in Mexico. His Mother was his first spiritual teacher and elder—who taught Juan the gifts of love and compassion. Juan’s paternal grandmother was a midwife and healer, from the state of Gunajuato. From a young age, Juan’s Father was a channel for healing spirits. Traditional ceremonies have been the base of Juan’s life since birth.

Juan is a firekeeper of the Sun Dance Fire and as well as for the Temazcal (sweatlodge) ceremony. Juan runs ceremonies in the tradition of his ancestors, the Wirrarika people of Mexico. Juan understands the spiritual aspect of the Temazcal, as a work of faith for the people, and the physical aspect of the Temazcal is that health and well-being are created through activating the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water).

Together with his wife Rachelle, they run ceremonies for families during times of great transitions.

Juan grew up in the countryside outside of Mexico City, helping to build his family home, raise animals, haul water, hunt and harvest wild animals and plants, and tending to his family’s hearth place with his Mother. As a young adult Juan lived in Patzcuaro, Michoacan, where he helped to create and implement Sustainable Water Management Strategies for the rural poor, including water catchment and greywater systems.

Juan is a Gold and Silversmith by trade and has been creating his own original work for the last 30 years. Juan works within the Mexican jewelry tradition, constantly adding new elements—techniques, design, style—that create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Juan is intimately connected to filigree and granulation as well as contemporary design. All of Juan’s work is made entirely by hand—as he uses no ‘moulds’ or ‘castings’ in his jewelry creations.

Juan’s interest to create jewelry was a genuine necessity of his in the first period of his life—he did not play with other children, rather he played in the trees and in the woods, creating jewelry utilizing materials that were accessible to him. Through his jewelry Juan expresses his deep love for Nature. His work expresses an agreement he has with Nature—to respect and maintain the richness of her beauty, in his jewelry. Juan’s work is sold internationally through his online gallery and store: www.GarciaAlfaroArtJewelry.com and www.GarciaAlfaroArtJewel.etsy.com

Donna-Maria Camps

Born on the island of Trinidad in the West Indies and descended from Circum-Mediterranean nations as well as the Carib and Arawak nations of North Eastern South America and the Caribbean, Donna-Maria grew up surrounded by medicine people, witnessing and participating in ceremonies on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago. She is a Sun Dancer of the Lakota tradition and Ceremonial Leader, and has been leading Western-door sweat lodges, vision quests and other traditional, holistic, healing ceremonies for over 15 years.

Donna Maria is a holder of the ‘Star Teachings,’ and has developed workshops based upon this ancient tradition that can be traced back to ancient temple teachings around the world. She is a practicing, clinical hypnotherapist (C.Ht.), who worked extensively within a drug and dependency rehabilitation center in Canada. Now working in private practice, Donna Maria serves those who have exhausted the medical system and have not been able to find medical answers to their illnesses, discomfort, and/or their mental/emotional situations. Donna-Maria has worked as a spiritual advisor within the Canadian federal prison system providing ceremonies for inmates as well as for the prison staff, and continues to support federal inmates on the ‘outside’ once released.

Further information on Donna Maria’s work can be found at: www.DonnaMariaCamps.com