The Sacred Feminine On The Threshold Of The New Dawn

By Elder Donna Maria Camps
Holder of the Star Nations Teachings and Traditional Knowledge Keeper

There has been a push, energetically upon our planet Gaia/Earth, for us to step into our power as the Sacred Feminine. We have been asked to step into our mission, the reason why we chose to incarnate at this time on this timeline on Gaia. Some of us have done the work involving years of preparation, purification, healing, and alignment with the teachings and the path that we are destined to walk.

Others, feeling the push and still operating from unbalanced ego drives, have opted to dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that, and put themselves out there as teachers of traditions that they know nothing about. Some others claim that they are entitled to these teachings solely on their racial make-up. This is the main reason why I write this article, so that you may understand the difference between true soul calling and ego-centered superficiality.

As we enter the Paradigm Shift on this planet. Many of the Sacred Teachings are being brought forth in order to help humanity make a conscious shift into deep levels of healing, in order for us to be successful on our Path of Ascension.

These Teachers who are bringing forth this Wisdom are bringing it forth to Humanity. Be especially wary of those who claim that these Teachings belong to one tribe or to one nation.

Walk away from those who are in the ‘us versus them’ mentality. For they have been broken in spirit through ancestral trauma, they have not healed themselves, they are seeking self-worth outside of themselves and outside of their path. Broken vessels hold no water and cannot quench their soul’s thirst for spiritual knowledge and understanding, neither can they hold spiritual water for anyone else. Open your eyes, remember and see the truth of this.

The Teachers who were chosen to bring forth Traditional Wisdom of Humanity, share this wisdom with all nations, for all nations make up humanity.

This wisdom that they are bringing forth now, was at one time part of the one unified culture of the planet in the ancient history of humanity. It was the wisdom and knowledge of the entire planet. From one generation to the next, women would pass this sacred knowledge down to the future generations of women. Being born a woman was a great blessing to the soul.

The knowledge, wisdom, and mysteries around birth and the feminine body, mind, soul, and spirit, was the birthright of being born into the Sacred Feminine, and it was the knowledge and wisdom of the entire planet.

In ancient times, a female human being was considered to be a representative of the Goddess or the Sacred Feminine on Gaia/Earth. She is a doorway through which life enters onto the material plane of existence and she is a doorway for communication between many levels of consciousness. Women were much respected and those that showed a special talent were trained in the higher arts as guardians and/or teachers of the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. But due to the suppression of the Divine Feminine, the true essence of the knowledge and wisdom of these teachings were lost to the conscious mind of the human inhabitants of the planet.

As they are being brought forward now, the dark forces are not happy – self-empowerment is not a good thing for those intelligences who would like to keep us in fear and ignorance. The dark forces are using those who are broken in spirit, those who have not healed themselves and those who are not aligned with their spiritual path and true destiny to distort the Wisdom of Humanity.

The Teachers who were chosen to bring back these teachings of the Sacred Feminine to the planet at this time, have a total and complete understanding and application of the Wisdom they hold and how to apply it on many levels of reality. This means that they have a Holistic understanding of the Wisdom they hold, of the Teachings that they are Destined to bring forth.

If you were to sit and discuss with them, they would be able to answer your questions on many levels according to your level of consciousness. These Teachers were given this mission by the Divine, this is their true Destiny. These teachers did not take a weekend course or workshop to become instant carriers of this knowledge. It took them years of preparation under the guidance of Spiritual Elders and Spiritual Guides. It took them years of preparation to be the clear carriers of this Wisdom.

I have personally witnessed and have been asked by the ignorant – where can they go to get a weekend workshop to do what my life-path has prepared me to do in this lifetime on Gaia. This was many years ago and I did not believe that they were serious, but it seems that it is becoming more of a common practice for the ignorant to seek fame by projecting themselves as what they would like to be, and not what they have been chosen to be.

These false teachers have no understanding of the holistic aspects of what they are getting themselves involved with. They are not in alignment or integrity with what they are teaching. They are like a child who decided to steal a hand grenade to play with and invite other children to come and watch as they pull the pin. Ignorant teachers will bind you in their ignorance.

To know if you are with a True Teacher, feel into your heart and listen to how they present their teachings. Can they answer and do they welcome your questions or do they get annoyed because they are insecure? Do they present their teachings to humanity regardless of nationality, race and culture? Are they speaking from their hearts or from the ego? Are they trying to justify themselves? Are they interested in the integrity of what they are sharing, or are they looking for recognition? What is their history on this path, was the knowledge gained through one meeting with a teacher, and have they become instant experts?

Be responsible for who you align your energy with. Seek true Wisdom Holders so as to receive true Holistic Teachings. If you do find yourself with these false teachers, ask yourself why you have attracted them into your life – what is it that you need to learn and look at within yourself.

Some of the older Wisdom Holders have been on their paths from childhood. Some of the younger ones have been guided for many years by Elders and Spiritual Guides and they maintain a pure line of teachings from those Elders and Guides.

The pure line of teachings implies that we are here to serve Humanity. We are here to aid in the restoration of a state of dignity and sovereignty to each and every person who has found their way to us and who are willing to heal themselves and step onto their destined path.

We are here to help you remember the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Sacred Feminine, the knowledge that you carry within yourself as the gift of being born female, without discrimination of race, creed, culture, nationality or geographical location.

At one time this was the shared Wisdom of the Human Race – and as human beings we are being asked to heal ourselves and find our true paths. We are being asked to hold the higher frequencies of honesty and integrity to our mission, to be successful in bringing this New Dawn into complete manifestation.

May You be Blessed
Donna-Maria Camps
Holder of the Star Nations Teachings and Traditional Knowledge Keeper.


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