Healing Intergenerational Trauma: Clearing Milennia Of Bad Medicine Through Women's Bodies

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Many of the old medicine ways talk about ‘bad medicine’, and ‘bad medicine’ being ‘thrown’ at people and ‘lodged’ into people’s bodies. What exactly does this mean?

Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. Belief systems are energy. We are now able to measure/quantify the ‘harmonic resonance’, or the vibration that our thoughts, emotions, and belief systems produce.

Love, freedom, gratitude, peace, joy, truth, honesty, joy, clarity—these have a high-vibrational resonance and produce life-giving qualities.

Despair, anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, envy, confusion—these produce low vibrational-resonances, and are able to generate disease.

How are these vibrations ‘thrown’ and how could they ‘lodge’ into a person’s body???

One of the primary ways that ‘bad medicine’ is created and ‘thrown’, is through the adoption of thoughts, emotions and beliefs within our family systems when we are young children.

Imagine, for example, a young girl growing up in a home where her Mother is ashamed of her womanly parts. She teaches her daughter that her yoni/vagina is dirty, that it smells and that it is not something to be proud of. The young girl’s Mother does not teach her this just by the words she speaks—rather by her own relationship to her yoni/vagina, her own belief systems, which hold a particular vibrational resonance. The young daughter observes her Mother and adopts this belief system.

She does this by ‘attuning’ herself to the vibration of her Mother’s thoughts and beliefs. When we are young, our Mothers and Fathers ARE the center of our Universe—and we unconsciously strive to emulate them.

Imagine how this young girl could grow into a woman who then feels sexually ‘shut down’ and ashamed of her womanhood. Imagine how this woman could believe the natural cycles of her femininity are a burden, a hassle, and gross. Imagine how this woman could, for example, experience painful menstrual cycles, and the inability to orgasm.

Imagine an example of another young girl, who is sexually abused by a loved and trusted family member. Imagine the pain the little girl experiences and the way these experiences are internalized. Imagine the way this little girl may begin to not like, or even hate her feminine landscape—as her feminine body has proved (to her) to cause her pain and agony.

Imagine how these experiences of sexual abuse as a young girl could cause this young girl to grow into a woman who experiences an array of pain and disease within her womanly parts. Imagine how this young girl may become a woman who believes that her womanly parts create pain and are harmful and that suffering is a normal experience of being a woman…

In working with women, I ‘do’ many different things—however—my real work is simply to hold space for women to turn inwards, to tap into their innate wisdom—to source from within.

Under my hands, a woman’s pelvic bowl may feel ‘hypertonic’/tight musculature; I may feel a woman’s uterus ‘tipped’/leaning towards one side more than another; I may feel an incredible pulse of blood circulation on one side of a woman’s pelvis- but constricted blood flow on the other side.

When a woman goes into the sensations within her body, that are produced through having a pelvic floor that is ‘hypertonic,’ or a uterus that is ‘tipped,’ or a pelvis that feels ‘heavy,’ images are often revealed to her.

The images behind the presenting sensations have frequently been revealed to women I have worked with as: daggers and knives lodged into their ovaries; small, creepy men hanging onto their ovaries; family members—that they don’t even like—hanging around on the inside of their wombs.

What does it mean that women ‘find’ daggers, knives, creepy men and unwanted family members hanging around their feminine landscape? These images are the thought-forms, the emotions, the belief systems women have picked up through life— manifested as stuck, unwanted, un-needed energy in the body.

This is one way ‘bad medicine’ is thrown into the body. This is one way we ‘pick-up’ bad medicine.

We ‘pick up’ bad medicine when we ‘pick up’ the thoughts, emotions and belief systems of our families that are not in harmony with Life itself. These thoughts, emotions and belief systems most definitely have the potential to manifest dis-ease in the body.

What happens then if we clear this ‘bad medicine’ from our bodies as women—these thoughts/emotions/beliefs that are not even ‘ours’???

We find that what is ‘ours’ is: Love, Truth and a Fierceness to birth and care for Life.

We find that when we reclaim our feminine bodies…and we honor and respect what makes us ‘women’… The whole world begins to shift.

We find that when we steer ourselves towards a path that is aligned with Creation and Unification, we steer our families, our communities and the whole world in the same direction.

We have access to ALL of this power AND responsibility, simply by clearing our bodies of what is not ours, and anchoring into our bodies what is.

Here, two women share their experiences of SOURCING FROM WITHIN during our sessions together:

From Sandy, an Ayurvedic Practicioner:

“I am 53 years old and throughout every stage of my womanhood I have been met with hardship and misery. Through the experience of Holistic Pelvic Care with Rachelle, I could feel an unearthing of truth open within. I felt tension, mystery and message come forth.  

My uterus birthed a yellow rose bud that was beginning to open. As the energy flowed graciously in my womb I bowed in gratitude for this healing, this blessing. While in gratitude my womb energy moved upwards and connected with my third eye.  No words can really describe the sacredness of this moment.  It is pure bliss and joy to feel alive inside my womb. Warmth and nurturance covered my Being.  My energy was alive, connecting to my body, mind and spirit.  I knew in that moment that my intuition had been awakened.  

I remembered what it was like to feel like a Woman, fully connected in my womb, heart and third eye.  Being given the opportunity to remember wisdom, love of self and other has opened many doors as a result.”

From Jasmine, Clothing Designer and Life Coach:

“In my sessions with Rachelle, I was amazed at how clear the voices of my womb and ovaries were.  Each time we asked what they wanted to say, something important and profound came forward.

Two times in particular stand out to me.  

From previous sessions, I was aware of how other people’s energies were lodged in my womb and we had spent time clearing them out. During this session, my intention was to clear out other people’s energies and to really feel my own sovereignty.  

My womb then burst into red flames and just burned and burned through the anger, fear, betrayal and loss that I had been holding inside.  This wasn’t a painful burning, but a true clearing.  I felt cleansed and renewed, and like I had my sovereignty back.

Another time, we asked my left ovary, the place of the feminine lineage, what it had to say.  I received the sweetest message from my lineage.  It was that I am taken care of and supported deeply, in ways that I can’t even comprehend.  The feeling of love and safety from that message touched me deeply.  

These two experiences are just a few of many.  I am in awe of how the womb speaks when we simply ask, and she always shares clarity and truth that lead to healing.”

We have been controlled through our bodies as women for thousands, and thousands of years. When we clear out all that is not ours from our bodies, and we anchor in the truth of our beings, we step into our power.

When we claim our power, we are healing the generations behind us who carried these burdens and traumas for so long. When we claim our power, we are healing the generations ahead of us whose paths will be cleared through our work.

THIS is intergenerational healing.

The time we are living in is not a time to follow ‘leaders,’ rather it is time to become our own leaders. We become our own leaders by actively healing the trauma within our particular bloodlines. In letting go of that which is not serving us, we are able to claim the wisdom of our ancestors that courses through our veins.

THIS is sourcing from within.

Copyright Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM



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Photo of Rachelle Garcia Seliga working: Melissa Rae Photography
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