Bleeding each month as women - helps to prepare us for our postpartum time/s

What are the biggest "issues" postpartum Mothers face *internally* in the modern world?
Mothers feel like they CAN'T possibly rest "that long" (approximately 40 days) in the postpartum time. And Mothers also feel "BAD" to "ask for" support from their communities.
What did not happen for 99.99% of these MOTHERS during THEIR early bleeding years (from the time they began bleeding and onward)? 
They did not REST nor RECEIVE.
Bleeding each month as women - helps to prepare us for our postpartum time/s. Each bleeding time represents a TITRATED dose of resting and receiving.
Titrated doses of RESTING when we bleed, prepare us to have the CAPACITY to rest for a longer period of time during the postpartum time.
Titrated doses of RECEIVING SUPPORT when we bleed from our families - prepare us to both have the capacity to be able to RECEIVE - AND ALSO - create the natural EXPECTATION in us to be supported during our female rites.
How we take care of our daughters in THEIR early bleeding years - sets the template for their understanding of "NORMAL." 
We set the template for the future NOW - by helping our bleeding daughters REST during their bleeds and RECEIVE extra loving care from us and our families when they bleed.
In this way - our daughters will be "prepared" for a longer "lying in time" in the postpartum time, and have the natural expectation to be TAKEN CARE of by those around them (by their Mothers, Fathers, brothers). No bad feelings about "asking for" support. 
I envision a world where Mothers do not need to "ask for support" - because the remembrance will have returned to the community of what its responsibilities are to the women and to the MOTHERS.
May we start with ourSELVES, may we start with our DAUGHTERS. 
May we start NOW.
Rachelle Garcia Seliga
April 13, 2022

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