Preventing Perinatal Mood Disorders: Supporting Women’s Physiologic Design in the Childbearing Continuum

The epidemic levels of perinatal mood disorders being experienced in modern times, are most often a SYMPTOM of the underlying problem. The underlying problem being:  Interruption and violation of the physiologic birth process and LACK OF PROPER POSTPARTUM SUPPORT. In this one-hour ‘Facebook live’ video addressed to Perinatal Mental Health Therapists, Rachelle Garcia Seliga speaks […]


The Sacred Feminine on the Threshold of the New Dawn

There has been a push, energetically upon our planet Gaia/Earth, for us to step into our power as the Sacred Feminine. We have been asked to step into our mission, the reason why we chose to incarnate at this time on this timeline on Gaia. Some of us have done the work involving years of preparation, purification, healing and alignment with the teachings and the path that we are destined to walk. Others, feeling the push and still operating from unbalanced ego drives, have opted to dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that, and put themselves out there as teachers of traditions that they know nothing about. Some others claim that they are entitled to these teachings solely on their racial make-up. This is the main reason why I write this article, so that you may understand the difference between true soul calling and ego-centered superficiality. As we enter the Paradigm Shift on this planet. Many of the Sacred Teachings are being brought forth in order to help humanity make a conscious shift into deep levels of healing, in order for us to be successful on our Path of Ascension.


Healing Intergenerational Trauma: Clearing Millennia of Bad Medicine Through Women’s Bodies

Many of the old medicine ways talk about ‘bad medicine’, and ‘bad medicine’ being ‘thrown’ at people and ‘lodged’ into people’s bodies. What exactly does this mean? Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. Belief systems are energy. We are now able to measure/quantify the ‘harmonic resonance’, or the vibration that our thoughts, emotions and belief […]


Motherhood: The Holy Offering

This past February I received 3-seperate grants, and was blessed with the opportunity of traveling to Belize to further my studies in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. While I did enjoy the training, what I loved most about traveling to Belize, was the opportunity to just –be– with the land, this place where […]


Physiologic Postpartum Care: Re-Membering Our Global Postpartum Tradition

Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM The original postpartum traditions throughout the world while specific to the cultural context in which they come—all share deep, common roots. Postpartum traditions all mandate: heat-inducing therapies; an extended resting period; specific foods that are warming in nature and easy to digest; and bodywork. These commonalities of postpartum traditions throughout the […]