Preventing Perinatal Mood Disorders: Supporting Women’s Physiologic Design in the Childbearing Continuum

The epidemic levels of perinatal mood disorders being experienced in modern times, are most often a SYMPTOM of the underlying problem. The underlying problem being:  Interruption and violation of the physiologic birth process and LACK OF PROPER POSTPARTUM SUPPORT.

In this one-hour ‘Facebook live’ video addressed to Perinatal Mental Health Therapists, Rachelle Garcia Seliga speaks further on these very topics.

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The Sacred Feminine on the Threshold of the New Dawn

The Sacred Feminine on the Threshold of the New Dawn

By Elder Donna Maria Camps
Holder of the Star Nations Teachings and Traditional Knowledge Keeper

There has been a push, energetically upon our planet Gaia/Earth, for us to step into our power as the Sacred Feminine. We have been asked to step into our mission, the reason why we chose to incarnate at this time on this timeline on Gaia. Some of us have done the work involving years of preparation, purification, healing and alignment with the teachings and the path that we are destined to walk.

Others, feeling the push and still operating from unbalanced ego drives, have opted to dabble in a bit of this and a bit of that, and put themselves out there as teachers of traditions that they know nothing about. Some others claim that they are entitled to these teachings solely on their racial make-up. This is the main reason why I write this article, so that you may understand the difference between true soul calling and ego-centered superficiality.

As we enter the Paradigm Shift on this planet. Many of the Sacred Teachings are being brought forth in order to help humanity make a conscious shift into deep levels of healing, in order for us to be successful on our Path of Ascension.

Triple Goddess

These Teachers who are bringing forth this Wisdom are bringing it forth to Humanity. Be especially weary of those who claim that these Teachings belong to one tribe or to one nation.

Walk away from those who are in the ‘us versus them’ mentality. For they have been broken in spirit through ancestral trauma, they have not healed themselves, they are seeking self-worth outside of themselves and outside of their path. Broken vessels hold no water and cannot quench their soul’s thirst for spiritual knowledge and understanding, neither can they hold spiritual water for anyone else. Open your eyes, remember and see the truth of this.

The Teachers who were chosen to bring forth Traditional Wisdom of Humanity, share this wisdom with all nations, for all nations make up humanity.

This wisdom that they are bringing forth now, was at one time part of the one unified culture of the planet in the ancient history of humanity. It was the wisdom and knowledge of the entire planet. From one generation to the next, women would pass this sacred knowledge down to the future generations of women. Being born woman was a great blessing to the soul.

The knowledge, wisdom and mysteries around birth and the feminine body, mind, soul and spirit, was the birthright of being born into the Sacred Feminine, and it was the knowledge and wisdom of the entire planet.


In ancient times, a female human being was considered to be a representative of the Goddess or the Sacred Feminine on Gaia/Earth. She is a doorway through which life enters onto the material plane of existence and she is a doorway for communication between many levels of consciousness. Women were much respected and those that showed a special talent were trained in the higher arts as guardians and/or teachers of the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. But due to the suppression of the Divine Feminine, the true essence of the knowledge and wisdom of these teachings were lost to the conscious mind of the human inhabitants of the planet.

As they are being brought forward now, the dark forces are not happy – self-empowerment is not a good thing for those intelligences who would like to keep us in fear and ignorance. The dark forces are using those who are broken in spirit, those who have not healed themselves and those who are not aligned with their spiritual path and true destiny to distort the Wisdom of Humanity.

The Teachers who were chosen to bring back these teachings of the Sacred Feminine to the planet at this time, have a total and complete understanding and application of the Wisdom they hold and how to apply it on many levels of reality. This means that they have a Holistic understanding of the Wisdom they hold, of the Teachings that they are Destined to bring forth.

If you were to sit and discuss with them, they would be able to answer your questions on many levels according to your level of consciousness. These Teachers were given this mission by the Divine, this is their true Destiny. These teachers did not take a weekend course or workshop to become instant carriers of this knowledge. It took them years of preparation under the guidance of Spiritual Elders and Spiritual Guides. It took them years of preparation to be the clear carriers of this Wisdom.

I have personally witnessed and have been asked by the ignorant – where can they go to get a weekend workshop to do what my life-path has prepared me to do in this lifetime on Gaia. This was many years ago and I did not believe that they were serious, but it seems that it is becoming more of a common practice for the ignorant to seek fame by projecting themselves as what they would like to be, and not what they have been chosen to be.

These false teachers have no understanding of the holistic aspects of what they are getting themselves involved with. They are not in alignment or integrity with what they are teaching. They are like a child who decided to steal a hand grenade to play with and invite other children to come and watch as they pull the pin. Ignorant teachers will bind you in their ignorance.

To know if you are with a True Teacher, feel into your heart and listen to how they present their teachings. Can they answer and do they welcome your questions or do they get annoyed because they are insecure? Do they present their teachings to humanity regardless of nationality, race and culture? Are they speaking from their hearts or from the ego? Are they trying to justify themselves? Are they interested in the integrity of what they are sharing, or are they looking for recognition? What is their history on this path, was the knowledge gained through one meeting with a teacher, and have they become instant experts?

Be responsible for who you align your energy with. Seek true Wisdom Holders so as to receive true Holistic Teachings. If you do find yourself with these false teachers, ask yourself why you have attracted them into your life – what is it that you need to learn and look at within yourself.

Some of the older Wisdom Holders have been on their paths from childhood. Some of the younger ones have been guided for many years by Elders and Spiritual Guides and they maintain a pure line of teachings from those Elders and Guides.

hathorThe pure line of teachings implies that we are here to serve Humanity. We are here to aid in the restoration of a state of dignity and sovereignty to each and every person who has found their way to us and who are willing to heal themselves and step onto their destined path.

We are here to help you remember the Wisdom and Knowledge of the Sacred Feminine, the knowledge that you carry within yourself as the gift of being born female, without discrimination of race, creed, culture, nationality or geographical location.

At one time this was the shared Wisdom of the Human Race – and as human beings we are being asked to heal ourselves and find our true paths. We are being asked to hold the higher frequencies of honesty and integrity to our mission, to be successful in bringing this New Dawn into complete manifestation.

May You be Blessed
Donna-Maria Camps
Holder of the Star Nations Teachings and Traditional Knowledge Keeper.


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Aligning Heart and Mind for Humankind’s Evolution

Innate’ is that which is natural and inherent. ‘Traditions’ are those teachings that are passed down from one generation to the next. Our innate physiological design offers us a map to health and wellness. We THRIVE when we follow that which has been laid out for us. Traditional medicinal knowledge is stored within our blood memory, within the Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The more we heal ourselves from the destructive programming we have all received, the more -access- we have to this knowledge. It is from these understandings that I call humanity’s traditions our INNATE TRADITIONS.

heart-mind connectionTo be able to carry forth our life-sustaining ‘innate traditions,’ I see we are at a specific juncture in our collective evolution as humankind—Where what we know in our hearts needs to align with what we know in our minds.

Humankind’s ancestors have always understood that: LIFE WITHIN THE WOMB AND EARLY CHILDHOOD DEEPLY MATTERS. Meaning that: Our earliest imprintings that will effect us for the whole of our Lives, happen before we are even born and during our first few years outside of the womb—particularly until the age of 7. The field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology—concerned with these earliest life experiences and their long-term impact on our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health—confirms this which we have always known.

We understand intuitively—and ALL traditional medicine systems understand AND practice—that to be healthy, our mind, body, emotions and spirit need tending to. The emerging science of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is confirming this: When our physical needs are met (including: nutrient dense diets, adequate rest/sleep and exercise), this positively impacts our Endocrine System, Nervous System and Neurological System. When our emotional needs are met (including: security, attention, connectedness, community, achievement, loving care, meaning/purpose, encouragement), this positively impacts our Immune System and Cardiovascular System.

Traditional ceremony CROSS-CULTURALLY has always tended to INTERGENERATIONAL HEALING—so as to not perpetuate intergenerational trauma. The science of Epigenetics now confirms for us how certain genes are ‘turned on or turned off’ by the trauma OR by the healing we experience—expressing as sickness or health in our bodies and lives.

As modern-day midwives, we often study Physiology and Anatomy. The potential of this study, is that when we truly understand our physiologic design—we are able to support the PHYSIOLOGIC process of labor and birth. Supporting a physiologic labor and birth is what grandmother midwives have always done—Trusting in the innate human capacities of Mother and baby, and safeguarding birth by not disrupting or unnecessarily intervening.

Likewise, INNATE Postpartum Care- Certification Training teaches the science behind that which our ancestors’ have always known: Postpartum Care is a necessity—not a luxury—and is essential for women’s long term health and vitality.

Science is confirming that which humankind has always known.

Why is it part of our collective evolution to confirm in our MINDS—that which our HEARTS already know?

Because Human’s neocortex (the logical/rational part of the brain) is SO STRONG and SO POWERFUL that we are able to SHUT DOWN our capacities to sustain life.

When our neo-cortex is stimulated during labor and birth, it has the ability to ‘stall’ and stop our labors. What causes stimulation of our neocortex in labor? ANYTHING that interrupts our intuitive connection and ability to traverse altered states of reality inherent to the childbearing continuum: bright lights, being ‘monitored,’ being observed, people talking to us rationally, feeling belittled, disrespected, violated.

Stimulation of our neocortex can inhibit our ability to produce breastmilk to feed our young. What would stimulate our neocortex in relation to nursing our babies? Sexual trauma and shame, ‘experts,’ nursing schedules, stress and worries because of work/bills/modern-world demands, lack of support for new families and on.

If our neo-cortex is so powerful that it can SHUT DOWN our ability to SURVIVE as humankind….then we better learn to USE this rational/logical part of our brain for our betterment through ‘right information,’ affirming the truths in our heart— rather then being used BY an un-informed rational/logical mind, to our own detriment.

When we understand the science behind ‘that which we have always known,’ we are aligning our minds (our neo-cortex) with our hearts (our intuition/inner-knowing). In so doing, we are developing a deeper appreciation and value for our ‘innate traditions,’ and fostering the desire to preserve and carry forth these Life-sustaining ways.

I see this as an essential step in the evolution of our consciousness.


When midwives say things like: Birth IS the Revolution and Peace on Earth Begins with Birth, these are not ‘endearing slogans.’ These are deep understandings of how the childbearing continuum INFORMS US ALL of how to live in RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with LIFE.

In human embryos, the HEART is the first functional organ that forms, beginning to beat by week 4 of development—six weeks into our pregnancies. The heart is the center of our feeling awareness. Collectively as humans, we associate our hearts with LOVE.

Seven weeks into our pregnancies—or five weeks after conception—human’s brains begin to develop. The human brain is associated with thought and consciousness.

When our brains begin to develop, the human body at this time is in a C-shaped curve: where the head is bent over the heart. Our hearts and heads are in immediate contact with one another at this time.

blog article heart and mindsIt is not until about 10 weeks gestation, that the embryo’s head starts to deflect—the head is raised and the face now faces forward.

Our lives begin with HEART. When our head/brain begins to develop, it is in immediate contact with our hearts. It is only later, developmentally, that our hearts and minds ‘separate.’

We are emerging from a long period in our collective human history of separation of hearts and minds. Through the rise of an entire system that favors the logical/rational mind, we have learned to distrust and ignore the knowings of our hearts.

I see that we are in a time now of ALIGNING OUR HEARTS AND MINDS. We are using modern science as a TOOL to assist us in living in right-relationship with ourselves and the Earth. In this time of alignment—we are properly educating our neo-cortex with useful information, and this information affirms and confirms that which we have always known in our hearts. This alignment of heart and mind is helping us to remember the importance of valuing and honoring our innate traditions, humanity’s traditions, the traditions that unite us all.

Perhaps it is, that if we courageously do the work that is required of us all at this time, we will once again live and move from the HEART, as we were originally intended.

Heart image for blog

© Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM

This article is dedicated to my Dad, Jerome Seliga, lover of Life Science, in honor of his 75th birthday.

Special thanks to Jaap van der Wal, Ph.D., MD for support with the expression of this article

Image of Embryo: Source Unknown
Drawing of Heart/Mind connection by: Morgan Mo/Bunnybearrrz
Heart and Hummingbirds Image by:  Iyly Kaiser

The body developed
out of us,
not we from it.
We are bees,
and our body is a honeycomb.
We made the body,
cell by cell we made it.

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Healing Intergenerational Trauma: Clearing Millennia of Bad Medicine Through Women’s Bodies

Many of the old medicine ways talk about ‘bad medicine’, and ‘bad medicine’ being ‘thrown’ at people and ‘lodged’ into people’s bodies. What exactly does this mean?

Thoughts are energy. Emotions are energy. Belief systems are energy. We are now able to measure/quantify the ‘harmonic resonance’, or the vibration that our thoughts, emotions and belief systems produce.

Love, freedom, gratitude, peace, joy, truth, honesty, joy, clarity—these have a high-vibrational resonance and produce life-giving qualities.

Despair, anger, hatred, fear, jealousy, envy, confusion—these produce low vibrational-resonances, and are able to generate disease.

How are these vibrations ‘thrown’ and how could they ‘lodge’ into a person’s body???

One of the primary ways that ‘bad medicine’ is created and ‘thrown’, is through the adoption of thoughts, emotions and beliefs within our family systems when we are young children.

Imagine for example, a young girl growing up in a home where her Mother is ashamed of her womanly parts. She teaches her daughter that her yoni/vagina is dirty, that it smells and that it is not something to be proud of. The young girl’s Mother does not teach her this just by the words she speaks—rather by her own relationship to her yoni/vagina, her own belief systems, which hold a particular vibrational resonance. The young daughter observes her Mother and adopts this belief system.

She does this by ‘attuning’ herself to the vibration of her Mother’s thoughts and beliefs. When we are young, our Mothers and Fathers ARE the center of our Universe—and we unconsciously strive to emulate them.

Imagine how this young girl could grow into a woman who then feels sexually ‘shut down’ and ashamed of her womanhood. Imagine how this woman could believe the natural cycles of her femininity are a burden, a hassle and gross. Imagine how this woman could for example, experience painful menstrual cycles, and the inability to orgasm.

Imagine an example of another young girl, who is sexually abused by a loved and trusted family member. Imagine the pain the little girl experiences and the way these experiences are internalized. Imagine the way this little girl may begin to not like, or even hate her feminine landscape—as her feminine body has proved (to her) to cause her pain and agony.

Imagine how these experiences of sexual abuse as a young girl could cause this young girl to grow into a woman who experiences an array of pain and disease within her womanly parts. Imagine how this young girl may become a woman who believes that her womanly parts create pain and are harmful and that suffering is a normal experience of being a woman…

In working with women, I ‘do’ many different things—however—my real work is to simply holding space for women to turn inwards, to tap into their innate wisdom—to source from within.

Under my hands, a woman’s pelvic bowl may feel ‘hypertonic’/tight musculature; I may feel a woman’s uterus ‘tipped’/leaning towards one side more then another; I may feel an incredible pulse of blood circulation on one side of a woman’s pelvis- but constricted blood flow on the other side.

When a woman goes into the sensations within her body, that are produced through having a pelvic floor that is ‘hypertonic,’ or a uterus that is ‘tipped,’ or a pelvis that feels ‘heavy,’ images are often revealed to her.

The images behind the presenting sensations have frequently been revealed to women I have worked with as: daggers and knives lodged into their ovaries; small, creepy men hanging onto their ovaries; family members—that they don’t even like—hanging around on the inside of their wombs.

What does it mean that women ‘find’ daggers, knives, creepy men and unwanted family members hanging around their feminine landscape? These images are the thought forms, the emotions, the belief systems women have picked up through life— manifested as stuck, unwanted, un-needed energy in the body.

This is one way ‘bad medicine’ is thrown into the body. This is one way we ‘pick-up’ bad medicine.

We ‘pick up’ bad medicine when we ‘pick up’ the thoughts, emotions and belief systems of our families that are not in harmony with Life itself. These thoughts, emotions and belief systems most definitely have the potential to manifest dis-ease in the body.

What happens then if we clear this ‘bad medicine’ from our bodies as women—these thoughts/emotions/beliefs that are not even ‘ours’???

We find that what is ‘ours’ is: Love, Truth and a Fierceness to birth and care for Life.

We find that when we reclaim our feminine bodies…and we honor and respect what makes us ‘women’… The whole world begins to shift.

We find that when we steer ourselves towards a path that is aligned with Creation and Unification, we steer our families, our communities and the whole world in the same direction.

We have access to ALL of this power AND responsibility, simply by clearing our bodies of what is not ours, and anchoring into our bodies what is.

Here, two women share their experiences of SOURCING FROM WITHIN during our sessions together:

From Sandy, an Ayurvedic Practicioner:

I am 53 years old and throughout every stage of my womanhood I have been met with hardship and misery. Through the experience of Holistic Pelvic Care with Rachelle, I could feel an unearthing of truth open within. I felt tension, mystery and message come forth.  

My uterus birthed a yellow rose bud that was beginning to open. As the energy flowed graciously in my womb I bowed in gratitude for this healing, this blessing. While in gratitude my womb energy moved upwards and connected with my third eye.  No words can really describe the sacredness of this moment.  It is pure bliss and joy to feel alive inside my womb. Warmth and nurturance covered my Being.  My energy was alive, connecting to my body, mind and spirit.  I knew in that moment that my intuition had been awakened.  

I remembered what it was like to feel like a Woman, fully connected in my womb, heart and third eye.  Being given the opportunity to remember wisdom, love of self and other has opened many doors as a result.”

From Jasmine, Clothing Designer and Life Coach:

In my sessions with Rachelle, I was amazed at how clear the voices of my womb and ovaries were.  Each time we asked what they wanted to say, something important and profound came forward.

Two times in particular stand out to me.  

From previous sessions, I was aware of how other people’s energies were lodged in my womb and we had spent time clearing them out. During this session, my intention was to clear out other people’s energies and to really feel my own sovereignty.  

My womb then burst into red flames and just burned and burned through the anger, fear, betrayal and loss that I had been holding inside.  This wasn’t a painful burning, but a true clearing.  I felt cleansed and renewed, and like I had my sovereignty back.

Another time, we asked my left ovary, the place of the feminine lineage, what it had to say.  I received the sweetest message from my lineage.  It was that I am taken care of and supported deeply, in ways that I can’t even comprehend.  The feeling of love and safety from that message touched me deeply.  

These two experiences are just a few of many.  I am in awe of how the womb speaks when we simply ask, and she always shares clarity and truth that lead to healing.”

We have been controlled through our bodies as women for thousands, and thousands of years. When we clear out all that is not ours from our bodies, and we anchor in the truth of our beings, we step into our power.

When we claim our power, we are healing the generations behind us who carried these burdens and traumas for so long. When we claim our power, we are healing the generations ahead of us whose paths will be cleared through our work.

THIS is intergenerational healing.

The time we are living in is not a time to follow ‘leaders,’ rather it is time to become our own leaders. We become our own leaders by actively healing the trauma within our particular bloodlines. In letting go of that which is not serving us, we are able to claim the wisdom of our ancestors that courses through our veins.

THIS is sourcing from within.

Copyright Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM
Photo of Rachelle Garcia Seliga working: Melissa Rae Photography
Pelvic Image with Flowers by: MIZENSCEN

Motherhood: The Holy Offering

rachelle_blog2aThis past February I received 3-seperate grants, and was blessed with the opportunity of traveling to Belize to further my studies in the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy. While I did enjoy the training, what I loved most about traveling to Belize, was the opportunity to just –be– with the land, this place where the body of wisdom known as ‘Maya Abdominal Therapy’ originates.

What is often taught in history books about the Maya people, and even what is taught at the Mayan pyramid sites themselves, is in relation to ‘human sacrifice.’

I have always questioned the –truth– of these ‘human sacrifices’: Did they really happen at all? Were these ways introduced from an outside people? WHY is ‘human sacrifice’ the main focus of popular history in regards to the incredibly beautiful, complex and intelligent Maya culture?

As I began to internally question these things on a deeper level on the land of the Maya nation, I began to receive answers that I had not before…

Inside a small museum in Chetumal, Mexico, dedicated to Mayan culture, I found in a small corner, a small plaque, underneath a small fertility symbol, that read:

          “Sacrifice… as in the self-sacrifice of having children…”

At that moment, something clicked for me as a woman, as a Mother and as a midwife:

Ancient fertility ceremonies from around the world, often involved an element of SACRIFICE, an element of death; with a recognition that from death comes life. To ‘sacrifice,’ is to dedicate as a holy offering.

There is an inherent sacrifice in becoming and being a Mother. And ancient fertility ceremonies re-minded all of our people of this truth.

Beginning with pregnancy and birth, we sacrifice our bodies- offering our bodies as a holy place for Life to grow and be born from. Our lives ‘as we knew them’ become rearranged to accommodate the needs of the new Soul that is entering.

As Mothers, we are then ‘postpartum’ for life. Pregnancy and birth PERMANENTLY ALTER us not just energetically, but physiologically as well. The old in us dies to give life to the new: newborn babies are born, newborn Mothers are born.

As Mothers, we offer our vital, life energy, to raise our children, the next generation of humans that will caretake our precious Earth.

As Mothers, the sacrifices we make each and every day for our children, are our holy offerings to Life itself.

It is not my place to define nor judge the ‘human sacrifices’ we are taught about in relation to Mayan history. My place, my purpose, my participation, is in this great ‘RE-MEMBRANCE’ of our innate power as women and as humans.

When we honor and respect the incredible work we do each day through our Mothering (be that Mothering our children or Mothering our life’s work), we bring dignity back to the holy title of ‘MOTHER.’


Physiologic Postpartum Care: Re-Membering Our Global Postpartum Tradition

Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPMrach

The original postpartum traditions throughout the world while specific to the cultural context in which they come—all share deep, common roots. Postpartum traditions all mandate: heat-inducing therapies; an extended resting period; specific foods that are warming in nature and easy to digest; and bodywork.

These commonalities of postpartum traditions throughout the world are not a coincidence—these traditions are rooted in our physiologic design. Our ancestors understood this design and their postpartum traditions were born from this understanding.

As humans, we have a physiologic blueprint that shows us how to optimally care for ourselves. My elders call this blueprint our ‘original instructions.’ Others know this blueprint as our ‘divine design.’ From birth all the way through death, most of us in the modern world have strayed far from our physiologic blueprint or ‘original instructions.’ Because of this, ill health abounds within our bodies and Planet.

When we pay attention to and follow what nature has so perfectly mapped out for us, we actually have an easeful, straightforward map to health.

‘Physiologic Birth’ is now widely understood in the birth community and defined as: “Birth that is powered by the innate human capacity of the woman and fetus. This birth is more likely to be safe and healthy because there is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts normal physiologic processes.”

The same phenomenon is true for the postpartum period. We have a PHYSIOLOGIC design of what our needs are postpartum in order for optimal results to be achieved. The optimal results in regards to the postpartum period, is not just the survival of Mother and baby—but it is the THRIVING of Mother and baby. We have been surviving as Mothers and babies in modern times—but on a whole we have not been thriving.

innate postpartum

When we put ‘Physiologic Postpartum Care’ into practice, women are best able to care for their children and their families. When families are cared for and flourishing, so are our communities. When our communities are flourishing, so too is our world. Physiologic Postpartum Care is one of the most effective ways to properly care for the future generations.

In many of these ancient postpartum traditions it is said that: How women are cared for during the postpartum period will directly affect their health through menopause and beyond. This connection between postpartum and postmenopausal health can be found in a myriad of ways; one of them explained here by Doctor Deborah Lyon and the Global Library of Women’s Medicine:

A growing volume of literature on pelvic floor health implicates childbirth as the initiation of a whole host of conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to the following: stress urinary incontinence, incontinence of flatus or feces, uterine prolapse, cystocele (bladder prolapsing into vagina), and rectocele (rectum prolapsing into vagina). Many variables affect the duration and severity of these pelvic conditions, including the health of a woman’s vaginal tissues, the size of the infant she birthed, the route of delivery, and the degree of perineal trauma that occurs. However: Even when full recovery of pelvic floor integrity appears to be the case, menopause may elicit a return of many of these problems as the collagen support of estrogen is withdrawn.

What this means, is that the Estrogen levels we experience during our childbearing years may –mask—the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction, until we reach our menopausal years and estrogen levels drop. The pelvic symptoms that we then become aware of as we enter into menopause, have often actually been there since birthing our babies.

Postpartum pelvic work dissolves fascial restrictions within the pelvic musculature, as well as resolves scar tissue and adhesions. This pelvic work during the postpartum period assures women’s life-long sexual, urinary and bowel health. Pelvic floor work after birth also reestablishes synergy and vitality in the pelvic bowl, fortifying a woman’s root place. Of interest to note here: the French government currently covers the expense for each woman to have 10-20 pelvic physical therapy sessions after birth, known as ‘la reeducation perineale.’

The above examples are just one aspect of our pelvic health postpartum that needs tending. And pelvic health is just one aspect of a holistic-system of care that women need to be receiving in the postpartum period.

postpartum3I believe that when we understand the physiology of the postpartum time and how it affects our life-long health as women—we as women, birth workers and health care professionals will make postpartum care a priority. When we truly understand something and its implications, we are more likely to value and take care of it.

The time is here for us to see postpartum care as a necessity and not a luxury. In the same way we want the best for our health when we are pregnant—we need to demand the same in the postpartum period. There is a cultural denial of self-care in our modern world and self-care truly is the way to respect and honor the tremendous work that is Mothering. Self-care during the postpartum period sets the stage for us to mother with dignity for the whole of our lives.

We women are the foundation, the Soul of the people—when we are thriving, our people thrive. I see us bringing together the wisdom of all our ancestors, carrying forth into the future those traditions that serve the highest good of life. May we begin by supporting the traditions that connect all of humanity: birth, as our rite of passage and postpartum, as our integration into a whole new life.

Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM is Mother, wife and midwife whose work is dedicated to midwifing a cultural shift, that honors innate wisdom, personal authority and the sanctity of Life. Rachelle has developed a holistic well-woman care practice that offers preventative and curative care to women, and is the creator of INNATE Postpartum Care- Certification Training.  INNATE’s training follows the mandate of women’s physiologic design, and is offered to birth and health professionals who are committed to revolutionizing women’s health care, for the benefit of all.

Photo of Rachelle Garcia Seliga working: Melissa Rae Photography
Mama/baby photos:  Jade Beall