Restoring Integrity into Healthcare "Providing"

Join Rachelle Garcia Seliga and the 4 Assistant Teachers for INNATE Postpartum Care - Certification Training, for a free class on this very subject. Friday, September 8th at 11:00am PST.


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 In order for us to provide "healthcare" as birth and healthcare practitioners, we must understand: What is required to create an environment of HEALTH?
What is required is a FIELD OF SAFETY.
A field of safety is not contingent upon anything external to us. 
A field of safety exists within us - when we are actively, consciously engaged in our own, ongoing healing work.
Without this ongoing commitment to Self - we can not offer "healthcare" to others.
But rather we offer "sickness perpetuation" or "deathcare" - if we name it appropriately. 

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Rachelle Garcia Seliga


I created INNATE Postpartum Care - Certification Training to midwife a cultural shift, with Mothers at the center - in service of Thriving Life. I am a mother, traditional midwife, women’s holistic healthcare practitioner, and global community member.

With INNATE Postpartum Care’s Training, we are creating NEW pathways of "healthcare" within the fields of maternal and familial health, and within women's health – that birth and healthcare practitioners may fold into their current practices, or use as a platform to create their own stand-alone practice.

There are no educational pathways within allopathic medicine that teach about Postpartum Wellness - and what is required to create, sustain and maintain that state of wellbeing. Rather all educational pathways of allopathic medicine are rooted in postpartum pathology: Understanding pathology and treating pathology, typically with pharmaceutical medicines.

While traditional medicine systems absolutely possess the theory and practice of Postpartum Wellness - if we want to create a Thriving Culture of Postpartum Care - then we must understand postpartum physiology. Because within postpartum physiology exists the unifying tradition of ALL postpartum women.


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