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‘POSTPARTUM’ is a period of time after carrying a pregnancy. Women are ‘postpartum’ after the birth of a live baby, after a stillbirth, after a miscarriage and after an abortion. ‘Postpartum’ is -not- synonymous with a ‘syndrome.’ In the modern world, the postpartum period is highly pathologized by Mothers, families and practitioners alike, because collectively we have forgotten that good health is a manifestation of ‘right care’ for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

When our Physical needs are met (nutrient dense diets, adequate rest/sleep, touch, movement), this positively impacts our: Endocrine System, Nervous System and Neurological System. Meaning that: Physical health creates Mental, Emotional and Spiritual health.

When our Emotional/Mental/Spiritual needs are met (including: security, attention, connectedness, community, achievement, loving care, meaning/purpose, encouragement), this positively impacts our: Immune System and Cardiovascular System. Meaning that: Emotional/Mental/Spiritual health creates Physical health.

While modern humans exist in environments that are radically different from those in which we evolved, our human genome is essentially the same as it was over 1,000 years ago. The physiologic requirements for postpartum health is the same NOW as it was THEN.

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