Waitlist thank you - Innate Traditions


Thank you for joining the waitlist for INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training ONLINE, from August – December this year, 2020!
Early bird pricing will be opening at the end of May, and I will let this list know FIRST when it opens.
Early-bird pricing is $200 off normal tuition cost. Payment plans are always available for INNATE’s Training –and- to accommodate the times in which we are living, payment plans can be spread out over a 6-month period.
Whatever your current understandings and perceptions are of what is unfolding on Earth, what is a foundational truth, is that: How Mothers are cared for NOW, will be reflected in the health of all of our future generations. 
It is like being able to predict the future. If we want to have a future generation of adults capable of accessing and utilizing their emotional intelligence and higher cognitive capacities, Mothers’ well-being must be centered – at this time.
MANY postpartum Mothers in our world are having a really hard time. I want to arm us with the wisdom, knowledge and understandings necessary – to be protectors and caretakers MATERNAL HEALTH – for always.
In courage and clarity,
Rachelle Garcia Seliga