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Starseed-Root Collective:
A Community Education and Holistic Healing Arts Center

Starseed-Root Collective is a Community Education and Holistic Healing Arts Center in Northern New Mexico, created by Donna Maria Camps, Rachelle Garcia Seliga and Jose Juan Garcia Alfaro. We have come together in the name of creating a way of Life dedicated to intercultural communication and harmonic living with all of creation.

We understand that the current global structures that dis-empower people and Planet and do not honor or respect Life cannot be fought.  We understand that the most effective and powerful usage of our collective energy, comes from creating structures and systems that support Life and our connection to it.

We believe that when we heal ourselves as individuals, our families heal, our communities heal and thus we come into alignment with the life supporting frequency of the Earth.  

We see that when women are correctly and optimally resourced, whole communities thrive—the movement of reproductive justice and environmental justice are one in the same.  We see that if we want our children to grow up healthy and thriving, then we as adults need to be these models.  We believe when adults have received the initiations needed to move through life wholly and completely, communities can truly thrive rather then survive.

Our vision is of a thriving human race and Planet, and we believe that this work begins with healing ourselves. 

Starseed-Root Collective is a place that values the wisdom of all our lineages—and calls upon this bloodline wisdom at this time so that the people may heal and prosper upon a thriving Planet. 

Starseed-Root Collective produces, co-produces and delivers workshops, seminars and events—as well as facilitates ceremonies, rites of passage work and holistic health care—all with the intention of fostering optimal mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health within the human race.  We work on a local as well as global level—with international teachers coming to share their wisdom and knowledge, as well as working and supporting similar projects in other countries.

We see the original purpose of ceremony and ritual as being to align ourselves with Life itself.  It is through this alignment with Life that we come to recognize our interconnectedness, our real purpose as humans and the sacredness of Life.

One of Starseed-Root Collective’s primary purposes, is to tend to Women-Men-Families during the period of life known as the ‘Primal Continuum.’  The Primal Continuum of Human Development begins at conception and lasts through the first year postpartum, after the birth of a baby.  This period of time directly shapes the architecture and “hard-wiring” of the human brain and the lifelong nature of the Mother-Baby and Father/Partner-Family-Community bonds.  We work from the understanding that:  Tending to the people during the Primal Continuum, is one of the best ways to care for the future generations.

Another primary purpose of Starseed-Root Collective is dedicated to drawing thelink between:  Modern day epidemics of depression, anxiety and stress and the need for ceremony and rites of passage; Women’s health issues and environmental justice; and The legacy of oppression, the illusion of separation and the unification of the human-race.

The foundation of Starseed-Root Collective is:  planting the seeds of harmony with life for the next seven generations through active co-creation with life.

We provide and promote preventative health care education and services to empower people in making decisions for themselves and their families.  All of our workshops, classes and ceremonies assist people in remembering and reclaiming our inherent inner power, as well as developing and applying skills that support living a more responsible, higher quality, awakened and aware existence.

Within modern society’s constructs, we are not taught how to manage our energy, nor are we taught the power of our emotional body and how to create lives that support, sustain and fulfill us.  Many of us in the modern world walk with a knowing that we are ‘missing ‘something’,’ but are unable to put a name to it.  We are missing connection, knowledge and understanding of the elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire), of each other, of ourselves and of our planet Earth.

Starseed-Root Collective’s purpose is to offer true-life skills; so that people have the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate life without self-medication.

We work from the understanding that our ancestry is within the genetic makeup of our cells, and therefore the real work is to ‘awaken’ that memory in individuals.  We understand that true empowerment comes from within and all of our work reflects this understanding.

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