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Seeds of Life Teachings


At this time, we are going into a new age. But, what does this mean to move into a new age? It means that new seeds are being planted in the collective; new ways of being, new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing reality; everything is shifting. It’s not going to be how it was – it has changed – this is the shift into the new reality. But for that to happen – everything has to reset.

We’re at that reset point this year – and all cosmic and galactic forces are influencing that reset. This is not just something that is happening on Earth, this is happening in the cosmos.

We need to look at things in an objective way, instead of falling into panic – because of subjective perception of things.

We have forgotten that we are spiritual beings having a human experience on this Planet; and we are taking the experience as ‘real,’ instead of reconnecting to our original identity.

This class will be taught by the elder of Rachelle Garcia Seliga, Donna Maria Camps. Rachelle and Donna Maria have been in relationship – working, learning and living together – over the past 18 years. Rachelle will share at the beginning of this free class, introducing Donna Maria, and again, at the end of class – sharing briefly on their revillaging project: STARSEED ROOT SCHOOL OF TRADITIONAL HEALING.

Donna Maria is originally from Trinidad W.I., and known as an ‘O-piai,’ a Traditional Medicine and Wisdom Holder. She is a Sun Dancer and Ceremonial Leader, and has been leading Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests and other traditional, holistic, healing ceremonies for more than 22 years. Donna Maria is a Mother to 4 grown children.

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