Rites of Passage - Innate Traditions

Free Online Class: Rites of Passage & The Postpartum Period
Sunday, October 28th, 2018
12 NOON – 1PM Mountain Time

Complete RITES OF PASSAGES are essential for individuals and communities.

Birth stretches us WIDE open as women on all levels. Because of the immensity of this experience, birth is being re-membered as a ‘rite of passage.’  

In a complete ‘rite of passage,’ the initiate emerges empowered and exalted– ready to assume their new responsibilities and new privileges within the community. Collectively, this exaltation is NOT what is being experienced nor witnessed during the postpartum period.   

We are going through the immense passage of birth- but our ‘rite of passage’ into Motherhood is incomplete. Complete ‘rites of passages’ are essential not only for the health of the individual (in this case Mothers), but also for the health of communities.

In this free class we will:

-understand the two essential pieces for a ‘rite of passage’ to be complete

-reveal how RECIPROCITY is inherent in ALL rites of passages

-talk about how RITES OF PASSAGES are built into women’s physiologic design

We will also understand the process that rites of passages typically follow, within the context of the childbearing continuum.

And we will talk about practical actions we can take within our respective communities – to support the completion of these ‘rites’ for Mothers in the postpartum period.