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Innate Traditions Rain Overalls for Children


Nurturing Traditions’ Rain/Mud Overalls feature elastic on the bottom of the legs, adjustable shoulder straps, and feet straps that button into place if you choose to use them. Pulled over rain boots or winter boots, they keep the water and snow out.

These rain/mudovearalls are perfect for babies starting to walk during the early spring or fall when the ground is often wet and muddy. The rain/mud pants allow baby to crawl and explore the outdoors without getting their clothing saturated with cold water or mud.The rain/mud overalls are great too for children of all ages, as they are easy to get on and off and can double as snow pants in the winter with proper clothing underneath.

Rain/mud overalls are used daily in our household, 9 months of the year!

Innate Traditions’ Rain Overalls are made of durable nylon, with waterproof ‘PU’ or polyurethane coating—not PVC (polyvinyl chloride). (PVC has significant human and environmental impacts: its production disposal and usage releaselarge amounts of dioxins.) Polyurethane is a watertight alternative to PVC rain gear—it is washable and tear-resistant. All seams of the rain/mud overalls are heat-sealed.


Available Colors:  Yellow, Red (which is a muted/brick red) and Black
European Sizes: 80 (8 months-2 years ), 90 (2-3 years), 100 (3-4 years), 110 (4-5 years), 120 (5-6 years),
130 (6-8years).

Price:  $34.00 for unlined overalls, and $39 for fleece-lined overalls. Shipping is included in prices.

Fleece-Lined or Unlined?
Color? (Yellow, Red or Black)