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INNATE Postpartum Care, was created by Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Rachelle Garcia Seliga, to fulfill the needs of women and families during the postpartum period. Very little has been available by means of holistic postpartum care, and INNATE Postpartum Care-Certified Providers are filling this gap.

Ancient postpartum traditions from throughout the world—while specific to the cultural context in which they come—all share deep common roots. These postpartum traditions all point to the importance of an extended resting period, warmth, nourishing foods and bodywork after birth. These commonalities of postpartum traditions throughout the world are not a coincidence—they are rooted in women’s physiologic design.

‘Physiologic Birth’ is now understood and defined in the birth community as: “Birth that is powered by the innate human capacity of the woman and the fetus. This birth is more likely to be safe and healthy because there is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts normal physiologic processes.’

The same phenomenon is true for the postpartum period. We have a physiologic design of what our needs are postpartum in order for ‘optimal results’ to be achieved.

The ‘optimal results’ in regards to the postpartum period is not just the survival of Mother and Baby—rather the THRIVING of Mother and Baby.

We have been surviving as Mothers and babies in modern times, but on a whole we have not been thriving. When women thrive, families thrive. When families thrive, communities thrive. When communities thrive, so too does our beautiful Earth. We ‘take care of’ the future generations by properly ‘taking care’ of women during the childbearing continuum.

Postpartum care is a crucial, missing piece to our health care as women, and INNATE Postpartum Care – Certified Providers are filling this gap through education and application.

INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Providers come from a variety of backgrounds: Midwives, Doulas, Chiropractors, Lactation Consultants, Licensed Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and more. INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Providers, have been trained in the physiology of the postpartum period, and the unique needs and opportunities we have at this time in our lives—to support life-long health and vitality.

Please contact a Certified Provider in your area with questions.