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INNATE Postpartum Care

Postpartum Care for Long-Term Health and Vitality

In cultures throughout our world, an extended care period for Mothers after birth has been observed since time immemorial. During approximately the first 40 days after birth, women traditionally received a plethora of bodywork, healing foods and heat-inducing therapies—all focused on healing and fortifying Mothers strength. This type of postpartum care came from the cultural recognition of the tremendous work Mothers do growing and birthing babies. Postpartum care was understood as a necessity—so that Mothers could most effectively raise the next generation.

In modern times there is an enormous emphasis placed on caring for our bodies during

pregnancy, with virtually nothing offered to address the myriad of postpartum needs. When we truly understand and honor what it takes to physiologically recuperate from pregnancy and childbirth, we as women would not feel the need to return as quickly as possible to ‘normal,’ rather we would prioritize care and nurturance for ourselves. Once we begin to take ownership of what we are deserving of, our communities and world will begin to support us in this.

Innate Traditions offers INNATE Postpartum Care—Certification Training to educate birthkeepers and health care professionals on postpartum physiology so that they may optimally care for their postpartum clients.

There is a physiological basis for the need of postpartum care and a strong link between postpartum health and post-menopausal health that is currently not talked about nor understood in modern culture.

Childbirth often initiates a whole host of pelvic conditions such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain and discomfort. Even when full recovery of the pelvic floor appears to be the case after birth, menopause may elicit a return of many of these problems as the collagen support of estrogen is withdrawn. What this means, is that the estrogen levels we experience during our childbearing years may –mask—the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction until we reach our menopausal years and estrogen levels drop. The pelvic symptoms that we then become aware of as we enter into menopause may have actually been there since birthing our babies.

Because it is common for women in modern times to experience: painful sex after birth, ‘ low libido’ after birth, urinary and/or fecal incontinence after birth, prolapse after birth, digestive issues after birth—these dysfunctions have been normalized. While these problems are ‘common,’ they are by no means ‘normal,’ even if a woman has birthed 10 babies.

Tending to our pelvis after birth is ESSENTIAL for our long term: sexual, reproductive, urinary and bowel health. Taking care or our pelvis after birth—even if there are no acute symptoms—is preventative medicine for long-term health and vitality.

As a midwife (CPM), I offer the following INNATE Postpartum Care services – so that your postpartum time serves to rejuvenate rather then deplete you, fortifying your feminine landscape for years of Mothering and beyond:

  • Maya Abdominal Therapy — after birth assists the healing of uterine ligaments and assures that the uterus and bladder return to an optimal position. This therapy also assists in digestion after birth, which is often weakened and distressed. Maya Abdominal Therapy as well helps to ease the hormonal transition postpartum, and also reduces scar tissue and adhesions from c-section surgeries. During your session you learn self-care techniques, giving you the tools to take care of not only your belly at home, but also your baby’s. Maya Abdominal Therapy after birth honors your body, your womb and your whole Self, nourishing a new connection and appreciation of your post-baby body.
  • Holistic Pelvic Care™ — offers gentle, internal bodywork techniques, intra-vaginal assessment tools and simple breathwork to physically and energetically align the pelvis after birth. This treatment resolves postpartum symptoms such as pelvic pain, discomfort, or muscle weakness and greatly assists overall healing; revitalizing your root after birth. Women who have experienced trauma during childbirth find that restoring pelvic balance aids their recovery. Holistic Pelvic Care™ postpartum nourishes the heart of your mothering place and helps to rejuvenate what often feels depleted. Women describe feeling more peaceful even with one treatment, easing their transition to motherhood.
  • Yoni/Vaginal Steams — Yoni/vaginal steams after birth warm the uterus and help shrink the uterus back to its pre-pregnancy size through clearing out remaining lochia. Yoni steams tone, heal and reenergize your yoni and pelvic floor, and are one of the most beneficial medicines for early postpartum healing of the pelvis. The treatment is usually experienced as very comfortable, relaxing and revitalizing.
  • Rebozo Closings—Using a rebozo/shawl, the body is closed after birth both physically and spiritually, after being opened so wide during pregnancy and birth. A rebozo closing on a physical level is like a warm, deep hug—from the top of the head to the bottom of the toes. It is a small ceremony in itself for the Mother, offering gratitude and honor for the tremendous work that pregnancy and birth imply.
  • Diastasis Recti/Abdominal Separation is assessed—For long-term healing of Diastasis Recti, the ability to connect with, restore and use the deep muscles of your core correctly is vital to regain function and strength. In the postpartum time,  ocus is on alignment and proper body ‘stacking,’ using the benefit of our postpartum hormones to rebirth ourselves into better body-mechanics. Organic warming pastes and INNATE’s belly-binders are available for early postpartum support as well.
  • Temazcal Ceremonies for the postpartum time—together my husband and I offer this ceremony to Mothers and families to honor, celebrate and support healing after birth. The Temazcal is a ceremony that has been used since time immemorial for peoples’ healing and specifically for women’s health. The Temazcal is a ceremony to deeply heal the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

INNATE Postpartum Care sessions can be tailored to meet your individual desires/needs.


Postpartum Care sessions are a minimum of 2-3-hours long.

For Taos Residents:
$160 for a 2-hour session

$240 for a 3-hour session

For all others:
$180 for a 2-hour session

$270 for a 3-hour session