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Mama Baby Wool Poncho


The stunning Mama-Baby Poncho is just like a snuggly second skin for you and your baby – making babywearing a delightful, cuddly experience. The Mama-Baby Poncho’s simple, figure-hugging cut makes you look wonderful with your baby underneath. The poncho has a special opening for the baby’s head, making both front and back carries possible. It fits over slings in different tying styles and all soft carriers established on the market. The poncho itself is not a sling or baby carrier! The poncho comes with the opening sewed up which makes it an ideal alternative to a maternity coat.

The Mama-Baby Poncho is made of 100% fine, soft, pure new wool, which both you and your baby will love—it does not itch! Wool is a self-cleaning agent and usually does not require a lot of care. Made in EU

Available in four striking colors: Wine Red, Charcoal, Midnight Blue and a new Olive Green.

The Mama-Baby Poncho is sleeveless–a simple design to keep you warm, which is easy to put on yourself and your baby.

X-Small: 32/34, Small: 36/38, Medium: 40/42, Large: 44/46, X-Large: 48/50
Corresponding USA sizes: X-Small is Size 4, Small is Size 6, Medium is Size 8, Large is Size 10-12, X-Large is Size 14-16

Wine Red, Charcoal, Midnight Blue, Olive Green

Price: $240
Shipping and Handling included in price.