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Holistic Pelvic Care

Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC) is a combination of gentle, internal bodywork techniques, intra-vaginal assessment tools and simple breathwork, to physically and energetically align the pelvis.

Pioneered by physical therapist Tami Kent MSPT, Holistic Pelvic Care™ addresses the health of the pelvic bowl at any stage of a woman’s life or health. HPC releases internal trigger points, smooths fascia and softens scar tissue, reestablishing strength and synergy in the pelvic bowl. This work also improves alignment and function of the ovaries and uterus through increasing both blood flow and awareness to the pelvic organs.

The pelvis goes through many shifts and changes throughout a woman’s life, and both requires and deserves appropriate physical care. Within today’s modern medicine, the pelvis unfortunately only receives proper care once pathology has developed in the body. Holistic Pelvic Care™ provides both preventative and curative care, giving us tools as women for optimal health.

The misconceptions about Kegels:

“The primary mode of addressing pelvic imbalances, besides surgery, is to suggest that a woman do Kegels, or exercises that squeeze the pelvic muslces to strengthen them. However, most pelvic imbalances are not cuased by weakness and will not change with a Kegel exercise. The majority of pelvic issues are the result of imbalances in the muscle recruitment pattern, diminished elasticity in the fascia or muscle fibers, inhibition of the muscles, and poor organ position. These issues are directly addressed only with vaginal massage, a pelvic care technique that restores core muscle, organ and fascia balance in the pelvic bowl so that the muslces function in a dynamic and balanced manner. Additionally, imbalances in the root energy must be addressed to recover core vibrancy as well.”
– Tami Kent, MSPT

Holistic Pelvic Care™ for well-being:

  • Restoring pelvic muscle engagement and balance
  • Supporting organ health and alignment
  • Improving pelvic sensation
  • Increasing libido and orgasmic potential
  • Establishing clear energetic boundaries
  • Clearing pelvic congestion and supporting pelvic wellness
  • Preparing your pelvic space for conception/pregnancy
  • Fertility support
  • Healing after miscarriage or abortion
  • Postpartum recovery—revitalizing your pelvic bowl after birth
  • Reclaiming your body from past trauma

Holistic Pelvic Care™ for relief from common pelvic discomforts/dis-eases:

  • Pelvic pain and cramping
  • Decreased or painful mobility in hips and pelvis
  • Pain from cysts, fibroids and scar tissue
  • Painful menstruation
  • Endometriosis
  • Pain with sex—Dyspareunia/Vaginismus
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Organ prolapse (often presenting as a sense of heaviness in your pelvis), including Cystocele, Rectocele and Uterine.
  • Urinary leakage (Incontinence), Interstitial Cystitis
  • Chronic bladder or vaginal infections

What should I expect in a Holistic Pelvic Care™ treatment?

During your initial visit, we review your health history and intentions for treatment. I then review/introduce pelvic anatomy with a skeletal model and answer any questions you may have. When we begin treatment, I insert one finger into the vagina to assess how the pelvic muscles are actively engaging during a pelvic squeeze or “Kegel” exercise—making note of internal pelvic trigger points and tension patterns. The assessment is followed by treatment to balance the pelvis through such techniques as intervaginal massage, myofascial release and trigger point work, as well as breathwork and visualization tools to assist core physical and energetic balance.

During your initial treatment, we spend 20-30 minutes working directly with the intra-vaginal techniques. Follow-up sessions begin with a brief re-assessment and then focus primarily on treatment, again including 20-30 minutes of intra-vaginal work. Each session ends with a review of pelvic self-massage.

What effects will I notice after a HPC session?

Women describe immediate effects of a new internal awareness and sense of well-being in the core. Women also describe feeling more relaxed and centered, a greater sense of support, and increased strength in their pelvic muscles. On a clinical level, the internal massage increases blood and energy flow, revitalizing a woman’s root and enhancing her overall pelvic health.

Is pelvic massage painful?

The pelvic massage is gentle and respectful, following the lead of the body. It should never hurt and the response of a woman’s body guides the depth and direction of the hands-on work. Though HPC is gentle, the effects are profound and women often notice a change with even one session.

When trigger points have been addressed during treatment and congested tissues have been opened up, it is common to feel sore or tender—typically clearing up within 2 days.

Do I need to have pelvic symptoms to benefit from pelvic care?

Whether you are suffering from pelvic symptoms or simply want to connect more deeply with your root, Holistic Pelvic Care™ is essential for your feminine vitality. Women benefit tremendously from receiving annual pelvic ‘tune-ups’ as a part of their general wellness plan/preventative care.

What if I’m menstruating during the time of my appointment?

Women are welcome to receive HPC at any point in their cycle. A woman’s bleeding time can actually assist the hands-on work because the body is ready to shed old patterns.

What if I’m pregnant?

Internal pelvic work is not done during pregancy, but visualization and energetic tools assist pelvic connection and balance during pregnancy as preparation for childbirth. Maya Abdominal Therapy may be received from 20weeks onward during pregnancy.

What does HPC provide for Post-Partum Care?

Holistic Pelvic Care™ offers a unique treatment for mothers during the postpartum period—designed to revitalize the root after the birth of your baby. Six weeks postpartum is the ideal time to begin. This treatment resolves post-partum symptoms such as pelvic pain, discomfort, or muscle weakness and greatly assists your overall healing. Women who have experienced trauma during childbirth find that restoring pelvic balance aids their recovery. If a woman is struggling after a traumatic birth experience, external hands-on work can also be initiated immediately to calm her postpartum body and spirit. Holistic Pelvic Care™ postpartum nourishes the heart of your mothering place and is incredibly restorative postpartum. Women describe feeling more peaceful even with one treatment, easing their transition to motherhood.

What if I had a Caesarean birth?

A woman who has had a Caesarean birth will benefit from HPC as well, with fascial work directly to the Caesarean mark and internal work to address the imbalances caused by any prolonged vaginal birth attempt. Again, if there is any disappointment that arises from a Caesarean, bodywork lightens this effect and allows the mother to process and integrate the birth.

What does HPC offer for a miscarriage?

HPC is profoundly comforting to the body and restores a tangible sense of hope in the root. Women describe feeling reconnected to their bodies and also more aware of the spirit that touched their womb.

What support is available when a woman is experiencing infertility?

Hands-on pelvic care provides gentle nourishment to the womb space during a time that can otherwise create a barrier of frustration and grief between a woman and her body. Women describe a greater sense of well-being and renewed trust in their own creative center.

The pelvic floor is connected with the root chakra or energy center of the body, representative of our place in the world. A strong root is equated with a solid foundation in the world; a source of energy flows into all other areas.


For Taos Residents:
$160 for a 2-hour session

$120 for a 1.5-hour session

For all others:
$180 for a 2-hour session

$135 for a 1.5-hour session