INNATE Retreat - Innate Traditions

INNATE Retreat – for students of INNATE Postpartum Care

Taos, New Mexico

August 9th-12th, 2018

Our 4-day retreat will include: ample time in the wildlands of northern New Mexico: swimming in the Rio Grande and visiting our local hot springs. Ceremony led by myself, Juan and my elder Donna Maria Camps. Home-cooked, nourishing meals. Classes tending to matters relative to our women’s health care work. Price will be $590 – which includes the MAIN MEAL of each day (we call it ‘Linner’: in between lunch and dinner) as well as entry into Ojo Caliente-a hot springs spa.

Accommodations/travel cost not included in price. HOWEVER, we have space to host those who want to camp on our land as do our neighbors for a small fee. We also have neighbors are also willing to host women in rooms in their homes for small fees as well, and there are many local, affordable Airbnbs.

Here is our general schedule for INNATE’s Retreat – August 9th through 12th! Schedule subject to change because of the unpredictability of the weather in Northern New Mexico. We will be following the Sun! :

Thursday, August 9th:

-Swim in the Rio Grande
-Tea and fire and discussion topic

Friday, August 10th:

-Morning hike (either to Williams Lake (13,000 feet elevation lake) or to Wild and Scenic (an untouched area of the Rio Grande)
-Followed by ‘Linner’ (in between lunch and dinner)
-Evening yoga
-Fire and discussion topic

Saturday, August 11th:

-Morning yoga
-Ojo Caliente hot springs spa
-Lunch at Ojo Caliente
-Back to Rachelle’s for dinner
-Fire and discussion topic

Sunday, August 12th:

-Morning snacks/tea/coffee and discussion topic
-Closing of our time together

Please contact me directly for scholarship opportunities. Scholarship priority given to those who received scholarships for INNATE’s training.