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FREE ONLINE CLASS:  Cultivating Health and Resiliency in Our Young Children
Tuesday, November 12th at 12noon MST

During infancy and childhood, we develop the BODILY BELIEFS of:  Is the world safe?  Will I survive?  Will I survive in relationship?

Our internalized ‘answers’ to these questions as children, manifest as physiological adaptations.  These physiological adaptations impact our long-term health and wellbeing.

“Most people around the world don’t think about the possibility of children being so highly sensitive and easily influenced at such an early stage of life, but they certainly are – even while they are in the womb….Children will store all the hurt and have a hard time healing later on in life unless these wounds are addressed earlier in life.”
-Sobonfu Some, Traditional Medicine Keeper of the West African Dagara Tribe

How do we support our young children’s innate emotional repair processes, ESPECIALLY within the global climate in which we are currently living?

In this free class we will:

  • Understand the global myth that has been perpetuated by health care professionals and families alike – relative to our babies and young children
  • Explore our innate healing capacities as parents to positively impact our children’s life-long health
  • Be given simple yet profound tools to begin working with immediately – to create wellness in our family systems

This class is NOT about moral judgment in regard to our parenting.  It IS about what children’s physiologic design requires to thrive – and how to support this design by both understanding it and bringing our actions into alignment with it.  The information I share will be a weaving of the arts and sciences of midwifery, pre and perinatal psychology and neuroscience. 

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