FREE ONLINE CLASS - Lifting the Veil - Engaging Men in Postpartum Support - Innate Traditions

Lifting the Veil – Engaging Men in Postpartum Support

Tuesday, May 12th at 12noon MST

Men have no physiological cues of the life changing events about to occur with the birth of a child. In honoring the innate differences between men and women, it is important to understand that in order for a father to be able to offer loving postpartum support, the process must begin during the prenatal time.

The most important step in this process for a Father, is Primal Wound identification and healing.

The father-to-be must become aware of the imprinting of his own prenatal experience, birth process and first weeks/months in the world – and its effect on his present perception of birth and fatherhood. From a place of understanding and engagement in his process of healing, the father-to-be can begin proper communication and connection with his child in utero.

At this point, the father-to-be can also begin appropriate planning and preparation with his partner, addressing the expectations and concerns around the birth/postpartum time. This all happens within the context of honoring the mother’s needs – with loving support.

This preparation, communication and planning, make for a smooth, cohesive transition for the entire family as they enter the postpartum period.

In this FREE, ONLINE CLASS, you will learn:

  • How the lack of physiological cues in males of impending life change (birth), demands active process from males – to mitigate shock responses during birth and the postpartum period.
  • How investigation and resolution of men’s Primal Wounds, helps to facilitate the natural birth process for his partner.
  • The importance of the Father’s role in support of the baby during the birth process.
  • How all of the above – sets the stage for a smooth and supportive postpartum period and deep bonding and attachment within the family system.

This class will be taught by William Green, a dear family friend of Rachelle Garcia Seliga. Rachelle will share briefly at the beginning and end of this free class, introducing William Green, and addressing the importance of MEN being resourced, in order for the MEN to be able to resource the WOMEN during the childbearing continuum.

William Green has a background in Psychology and Religion Studies with a degree from the College of Charleston. He is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a practitioner of the Rolf Method of Structural Integration. He is a father of three children, and a grandfather to his one-year-old grandson. William has spent over 25 years, directly and indirectly, supporting midwives and doulas. Through these roles of support, his experiences as a father, and his training in healing modalities – William is now turning his attention to supporting men in our current time of change.

“In my former life as a general contractor we had a saying –
Proper, prior, planning – prevents painfully poor performance. (7-P’s)
This pertains to a man’s work around birth and postpartum time as well.
It is imperative that postpartum work begin in the prenatal stage of pregnancy.”
-William Green

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