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Lifting the Veil – Engaging Men in Postpartum Support
Tuesday, May 12th at 12noon MST / 2pm EST

Men have no physiological cues of the life-changing events about to occur with the birth of a child. In honoring the differences between men and women, it is important to understand that in order for a father to give loving postpartum support, the process must begin during the prenatal time. The most important step in this process for a Father, is Primal Wound identification and healing.


Sunday, April 12th at 12noon MST / 2pm EST

At this time, we are going into a new age. But, what does this mean to move into a new age? It means that new seeds are being planted in the collective; new ways of being, new ways of thinking, new ways of seeing reality; everything is shifting. It’s not going to be how it was – it has changed – this is the shift into the new reality. But for that to happen – everything has to reset.


For students of INNATE Postpartum Care
Taos, New Mexico
August 27th-30th, 2020

Students of INNATE Postpartum Care, come and be deeply NOURISHED in community, by the wildlands of Northern New Mexico this summer – for personal care tending and outer work amplifying. Four days will be shared on a several hundred acre, private property.


FREE ONLINE CLASS: Cultivating Health and Resiliency in Our Young Children
Tuesday, November 12th at 12noon MST

During infancy and childhood, we develop the BODILY BELIEFS of: Is the world safe? Will I survive? Will I survive in relationship?

Our internalized ‘answers’ to these questions as children, manifest as physiological adaptations. These physiological adaptations impact our long-term health and wellbeing.

“Most people around the world don’t think about the possibility of children being so highly sensitive and easily influenced at such an early stage of life, but they certainly are – even while they are in the womb….Children will store all the hurt and have a hard time healing later on in life unless these wounds are addressed earlier in life.”
-Sobonfu Some, Traditional Medicine Keeper of the West African Dagara Tribe

How do we support our young children’s innate emotional repair processes, ESPECIALLY within the global climate in which we are currently living?

ancestral grief and healing

FREE, ONLINE CLASS: Ancestral Grief & Ancestral Healing
Sunday, April 14th at 1pm MST

All humans have ancestors – no matter what culture or race we pertain to. All of our ancestors have experienced trauma. All of our ancestors carry immense gifts. To access the gifts of our respective lineages, we heal the trauma of our respective lineages.

At this time, it is imperative we examine and dismantle the indoctrinations we have all been fed – relative to supremacy, subservience and shame. At this time it is also imperative to focus our attention on the sacred foundation of Life – which provides us with the necessary understandings to CREATE a reality based in honor, respect and harmony.

rites of passage

FREE ONLINE CLASS: Rites of Passage & the Postpartum Period
Sunday, October 28th, 2018
12-1pm Mountain Time

Birth stretches us WIDE open as women on all levels. Because of the immensity of this experience, birth is being re-membered as a ‘rite of passage.’  

In a complete ‘rite of passage’, the initiate emerges empowered and exalted – ready to assume their new responsibilities and new privileges within the community. Collectively, this exaltation is NOT what is being experienced nor witnessed during the postpartum period.   

We are going through the immense passage of birth- but our ‘rites of passage’ into Motherhood are incomplete. Complete ‘rites of passages’ are essential not only for the health of the individual (in this case Mothers), but also for the health of communities.

INNATE Retreat- for students of INNATE Postpartum Care
Taos, New Mexico
August 9th-12th
Our 4-day retreat will include: ample time in the wildlands of northern New Mexico, swimming in the Rio Grande and visiting our local hot springs. Ceremony led by myself, Juan, and my elder Donna Maria Camps. Home-cooked, nourishing meals. Classes tending to matters relative to our women’s health care work. Price will be $590 – which includes the MAIN MEAL of each day (we call it ‘Linner’: in between lunch and dinner) as well as entry into Ojo Caliente – a hot springs spa.

Accommodations/travel cost not included in price. HOWEVER, we have space to host those who want to camp on our land as do our neighbors for a small fee. We also have neighbors who are also willing to host women in rooms in their homes for small fees as well, and there are many local, affordable Airbnbs.

Here is our general schedule for INNATE’s Retreat – August 9th through 12th! Schedule subject to change because of the unpredictability of the weather in Northern New Mexico. We will be following the Sun!