Emotional Intelligence Workshop
with Donna Maria Camps

At this time, in order to successfully move into the new paradigm shift in consciousness, it is very important to master every aspect of our being, to reclaim our power and move within this world as conscious and intentional creators. We do this through developing emotional intelligence.

The Emotional Intelligence Workshop, brings an awareness of the power of emotion in our lives. We are typically not taught about our emotions, and how together with our Soul, design our path in life. Because of this lack of information, we have a tendency to shut off from our emotions, to suppress them and to subsequently create numerous imbalances that affect all aspects of our life.

The Emotional Intelligence Workshop assists us in understanding: What is emotion; How emotion affects every aspect of our life; How to identify emotion; How to work with emotion; How to understand the language of emotion — what it says about us and what it says about about our environment.

This workshop will open the doors to dimensions that were deliberately kept secret, hidden in plain sight and used by those who held this knowledge to manipulate and control. The Emotional Intelligence workshop is designed to assist you in moving out of the chains of karma and into the flow of empowerment. You will acquire the tools necessary to assist you in creating a thriving environment in your individual life and in your relationships, as well as be able to consciously contribute to the collective creation of an enlightened community.

The Emotional Intelligence Workshop will cover and include:

  • Defining Emotional Energy;
  • How Emotional Energy affects the spiritual, mental & physical experiences;
  • The Soul: The relationship between the Soul and Emotion;
  • Self Affirmation: Personal Power & Emotional Energy;
  • Discovering limiting patterns and beliefs;
  • Developing self-awareness;
  • Understanding how emotions shape every aspect of our life;
  • Managing emotions;
  • Discovering our two minds and how to harmonise them towards personal success;
  • redefining oneself;
  • defining specific goals.
  • Clearing Emotional Pacts & Creating Your Own Reality

This Workshop will be given by: D. Maria Camps – White Cloud

Maria is originally from Trinidad, in the South American culture she is known as an ‘O-piai,’ a Traditional Medicine and Wisdom Holder. She has since called the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, home for the past 25years. Maria is a Sun Dancer and Ceremonial Leader, and has been leading Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests and other traditional, holistic, healing ceremonies for many years.

Maria worked within the Canadian Federal Prison System as a Spiritual Advisor for the Native, male inmate population— leading ceremonies and developing programs for a holistic program known as ‘Pathways.’

Maria is a practicing, clinical hypnotherapist (C.Ht.), who worked extensively within a drug and dependency rehabilitation center in Canada. Maria now works in private practice—serving those who have exhausted the medical system and have not been able to find medical answers to their illnesses, discomfort, and/or their mental/emotional situation. Maria also often works with those who are suffering from various forms of post traumatic stress disorders, as well as those who have had unexplained experiences.

Maria is a holistic herbalist who received her traditional knowledge base from elders of North, Central and South America. She has been practicing holistic healing and energy adjustments for over twenty years. She is the Mother to 4 grown children, and has been married to her husband for 25 years.

Why do the Emotional Intelligence Workshop?

Part of the nature of humans is to be constantly developing, growing and moving to-ward a balanced and mature way of being. Our present personality is determined by our environment, our conditioning, our experiences, our beliefs and by the person we strive to become. The goal of – The Emotional Intelligence Workshop – is to learn and apply that which enables us to understand and attain emotional wellbeing, and effectiveness in our lives, and to share this knowledge with others.

Emotional Intelligence is the conscious evolution of human nature, and yet throughout history it has been deliberately kept secret! Although it is in our nature to learn and grow, we are held back by our survival based culture, each of us in competition with others, and our spiritual inner nature is repressed. The animal nature dominates.

We make no room for unconditional love.

Even though the culture may have evolved with technological advancement and administrative complexity, human nature has not moved forward as it might. We are now paying the price for human selfishness and inconsideration.
Going forward, the quality of our lives on this planet – even our survival – now depends on each of us taking responsibility for our personal growth.

The human being needs to awaken to the wisperings of the soul that inhabits each body. We need to awaken to our true selves and source of inner knowing, to awaken through the process of self-discovery, leading to our inner self-directed spirituality. It is necessary to become mindfully conscious instead of being ruled by the dictates of instincts, past habits, emotional programs and fixed beliefs. We can embrace our freedom by eliminating dogma, opening our minds to reevaluate and reconsider our relationship with reality. Instead of being dominated by fear based survival programs, we will be motivated by compassionate understanding and creative love.

For those that do move forward, the next epoch will be a celebration of human cooperation and shared love. It’s our best hope for the future – and it’s in our hands.

– Maria

For more information on this body of work, please visit: www.DonnaMariaCamps.com