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INNATE Postpartum Care – Community Education Series

Mother-centered care for family wellness;
rooted in revitalized community support.

The INNATE Postpartum Care – Community Education Series is taught by Certified Providers of INNATE Postpartum Care. Click HERE to find a Provider/class series in your community.

With FOUR classes happening PRENATALLY, and ONE class happening POSTPARTUM, INNATE’s Community Education Series focuses on the 5 Essentials of Postpartum Care. These 5 Essentials of Postpartum Care are found throughout the world’s ancient postpartum traditions AND are deeply rooted in women’s physiologic and psychologic needs postpartum.

These 5 Essentials of Mother-Centered Postpartum Care for Family Wellness are:

  • An extended resting period. An extended resting period in the postpartum time, safeguards women’s long-term pelvic health and hormonal health. The natural rhythm of Earth and of Life- is that there is a period of growth and a period of rest. Pregnancy represents the period of growth, postpartum represents the period of rest.
  • Warm in temperature, warm in nature, easy to digest, nutrient dense food. Our digestive system is profoundly altered through pregnancy and birth. Warm in temperature, warm in nature, easy to digest, nutrient dense food in the postpartum time supports the long-term health of the digestive system. As women, we grow humans inside our bodies through gestation and outside our bodies through lactation. Eating the right foods helps us to grow life without depleting ourselves.
  • Bodywork. Because we are resting in the postpartum time, it is bodywork that facilitates healing through the movement of blood and lymph. Bodywork elicits our relaxation response, allows our nervous system to down-regulate and boosts our immunity. Nature’s Law is based in reciprocity. Bodywork gives to Mothers so that Mothers can give freely to their babies.
  • Warmth. In birth and the postpartum period, we lose a large amount of blood. Breastmilk is made from the same substrate as blood. Mothers are babies primary heaters – until babies are between 5-9 months of age, when they can regulate their own temperature. Warmth in the postpartum time facilitates the production of Oxytocin. Oxytocin facilitates healing. Warmth causes our tissues to expand, which facilities the moving of blood and lymph, which facilitates healing.
  • Community. The above 4 essentials of postpartum care are PILLARS, and these pillars require a strong foundation – to stand up straight and strong. This foundation in the postpartum time is COMMUNITY. COMMUNITY means: people that Mother feels good and safe with, that will be with her on a daily basis in the postpartum period. When Mothers feel good and safe, they are able to give up their hyper-vigilance. This allows the nervous system to down-regulate, which allows the body‘s energy in the postpartum time go into HEALING, bonding and attachment.

The first 4-classes of INNATE’s Community Education series happen PRENATALLY. Information/education about postpartum physiology and psychology is shared, and each family is supported to develop a postpartum plan that meets their unique needs.

The 5th and final class of INNATE’s Community Education series happens in the postpartum period. The families that participated together in the first four classes meet again, once everyone is at-least 6-weeks postpartum. The purpose of this final class is for MOTHERS and Fathers to be WITNESSED and CELEBRATED by this community. In this way, we bring honor and a layer of completion to our rites of passage into Motherhood and Fatherhood.

INNATE Postpartum Care – Community Education Series:

  • Was designed for Mothers, families and their support people, to take between 25-35 weeks gestation. In this way the class series will ideally be completed before Mother’s probable window of giving birth, allowing ample time to create a postpartum plan and create or fortify her community support.
  • Offers discounts when Fathers/partners/friends/family who will be supporting Mother through and after birth, attend this class series with Mother. It is ESSENTIAL that NOT just Mothers are receiving this postpartum care education, but all of those who LOVE Mothers do.
  • Offers essential postpartum education to women and their families with time- tested postpartum wisdom interwoven with modern science – supporting women’s long-term health and vitality.
  • Nourishes with truthful information, helping to lead families in the right direction for an optimal postpartum period- in the name of creating a solid foundation for thriving family systems.
  • Helps families create postpartum care plans tailored to the unique to the needs of each family.
  • Supports the creation of or fortification of COMMUNITY.
  • Offers CONTINUITY OF CARE. The INNATE Postpartum Care – Certified Providers teaching this class series, come from a variety of birth and health care providing backgrounds, and are able to provide you and your family with support in the postpartum time. Continuity of care within the medical world is understood to ‘improve clinical outcomes.’ Meaning that: continuity of care helps to facilitate healing.

INNATE Postpartum Care works from the foundational understanding that: maternal health is foundational to society’s health. When Mothers are healthy and well, families are healthy and well. When families are healthy and well, communities are healthy and well – and this concentric ring of wellness continues to move outward to encompass the whole of the Earth. In optimally taking care of the Mothers, we are taking care of the future generations.

Click HERE to find an INNATE Postpartum Care – Certified Provider teaching this class series in your community.