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INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training ONLINE
Created and taught by Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM

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INNATE Postpartum Care—Certification Training is an intensive training for ALL birth and health care professionals who understand the deep need to UPLEVEL the type of postpartum care women currently receive. A holistic approach to postpartum physiology and psychology undergirds INNATE’s entire training, offering essential understandings into the necessary requirements for healthy Mothers and families – and thus the necessary requirements in the creation of a thriving human culture.

Ancient postpartum traditions throughout the world—while specific to the cultural context in which they come—all share deep common roots. These postpartum traditions all point to the importance of an extended resting period, warmth, specific foods and bodywork after birth.  Many of these traditions also teach that how a mother is cared for during the postpartum time—will profoundly be reflected in her health through menopause and beyond.

These commonalities of postpartum traditions throughout the world are not a coincidence—they are rooted in our physiologic design as humans.

‘Physiologic Birth’ is now understood in the birth community and defined as: “Birth that is powered by the innate human capacity of the woman and fetus. This birth is more likely to be safe and healthy because there is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts normal physiologic processes. Supporting the normal physiologic processes of labor and birth -even in the presence of complications- has the potential to enhance best outcomes for Mother and infant.”

The same physiologic phenomenon is true for the postpartum period.  We have a PHYSIOLOGIC design of what our needs are postpartum in order to enhance best outcomes from Mother and infant.

The best outcomes for Mother and infants are not only their capacity to survive, but also their capacity to THRIVE.

We have been surviving as Mothers and infants in modern times—but on a whole we have not been thriving.  Maternal health is foundational to society’s health, and so, to tend to children’s health -our future generations- we must begin by tending to the Mothers.

INNATE Postpartum Care emphasizes the ‘WHY’ behind postpartum care.  When we understand ‘WHY’ we do something, we understand the reasons and purpose of it.  When we understand the reasons and purposes of it, we begin to value it.  We come together in INNATE’s trainings to understand ‘WHY’ proper postpartum care assure health and vitality through menopause and beyond.  This ‘WHY’ is what has been largely forgotten in modern culture and postpartum care; even when the ‘HOW’ is remembered.  When we interweave the ‘WHY’ of postpartum care with the ‘HOW’ to optimally offer this care, the dominant cultural paradigm of ‘proper postpartum care as luxury,’ begins to shift to ‘postpartum care as necessity.’

INNATE Postpartum Care Curriculum

INNATE Postpartum Care weaves together the teachings of midwifery, the world’s postpartum traditions, and the modern sciences of Epigenetics, Pre and Perinatal Psychology, the Primal Continuum, Psychoneuroimmunology, Woman-Centered Physiology and Anatomy, Somatic Psychology, Neurobiology and much, much more.

Using the female body as a map- beginning at the pelvic floor and ending at the head- we learn about the profound changes that occur through the childbearing continuum, understanding the implications of physiologic appropriate postpartum care- for women’s life-long health.


  • Developmental Psychology of Infants
  • Infant Mental Health in relation to Maternal Mental Health
  • The Autonomic Nervous System and Maternal health
  • Postpartum Care as the Foundation of our Social Eco-Systems; Creating a Thriving Human Culture

MODULE 1: ROOT health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • Pelvic health in relation to women’s life-long health
  • Pelvic health and mental health
  • How women’s physiology mandates rest in the early postpartum period
  • The connection between postpartum rest and menopausal health
  • Postpartum self-care applications for long-term healing

MODULE 2: UTERINE health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • Uterine Anatomy and Physiology in relation to women’s life-long health
  • Exercise after birth as implicated by our physiologic design—women’s health continuum
  • Understanding the physiologic implications for WARMTH after birth for poostpartum wellness
  • Birth Integration—tools to assist the integration of all types of birth experiences
  • Warming home therapies for the postpartum period – for health through menopause and beyond

MODULE 3: BELLY health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • Digestion throughout the childbearing continuum and appropriate postpartum foods
  • Understanding the role of postpartum foods to both prevent and treat ‘perinatal mood disorders’
  • ‘Motherfoods’—Supporting the Mother-baby dyad—nurturing healthy digestion and elimination for life
  • How Mothers’ diets affect the genetic resiliency of her grandchildren
  • Healing Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Muscle Separation)- the importance of this restoration for long-term health
  • Body Alignment: harvesting the benefits of postpartum hormones
  • Belly Binding—What our physiology speaks about this ancient practice

MODULE 4: BREAST health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

  • The Primal Continuum of Life and breastfeeding
  • Exogestation and postpartum healing
  • Supporting the Long-term Emotional Health of Infants-Toddlers-Children
  • Holistic Breast Self-Care: For Breastfeeding Support and Life-long Wellness
  • Postpartum Care—Essential to the completion of the ‘Rite of Passage’ of the Childbearing Continuum
  • Postpartum Sealing and Healing Touch- the role of honor and gratitude in postpartum healing

MODULE 5: THROAT health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH 

  • Lineage healing through pregnancy, birth and postpartum
  • Ceremony and Ritual- our ancestral inheritance
  • Elemental Medicine
  • Placenta: Re-connecting the human race with Life
  • Mother as Center: self care as a revolutionary act of love
  • Postpartum home therapies for family healing and integration


  • Brain Changes Through Pregnancy and Postpartum
  • The Healing Mechanisms of Postpartum Hormones
  • Postpartum physiology requires community support— and creating this reality
  • Historical context of Allopathic Medicine and Midwifery
  • Maternal health- foundational to society’s health


  • Birth and Health Care Workers—Implicit Power, Privilege and Responsibilities
  • Inside/Out work: Reinstilling INTEGRITY into ‘health care providing’
  • Separation and Division – and Public Health
  • Understanding Ancestral Grief and White Supremacy Through the Body
  • Personal Authority as Health Care Provider

INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training also covers: 

  • How to integrate INNATE Postpartum Care into your own practice: postpartum care is currently a missing piece of well-woman care and is a NECESSITY not a luxury.
  • How to present yourself to your community as a INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider; creating abundance through your work.
  • More then 10 postpartum bodywork techniques that do not require licensure to perform; which can alternatively also be shared as self-care practices.
  • Understanding our bodies as women and in so doing, understanding the inherent perfection of Creation.

INNATE Postpartum Care is in honor of the ancestral wisdom of humanity and dedicated to the future generations. We offer perspective on the postpartum period not found in many of the resources currently available. We understand that traditional medicinal knowledge and practices can create social healing, AND THAT this traditional medicinal knowledge is stored within our blood memory, within the Earth, Air, Water and Fire. The more we heal ourselves—the more ACCESS we have to his knowledge.  We understand ancient postpartum traditions are based in our physiologic design, and offer to us a blueprint of everything we need in order to thrive as newborn families.

INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training, is a 6-month long training of holistic postpartum information PLUS hands-on application of postpartum techniques.

While INNATE’s In-Person Trainings happen over a period of 7-days, INNATE’s ONLINE Training allows for a titrated integration of material over this 6-month period.

To become CERTIFIED as an INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, the following requirements must be met within 6 months of completion of training:

  1. Required reading of 4 books.
  2. Three Case Studies applying INNATE Postpartum Care teachings.
  3. A 45-minute phone consultation with Rachelle. Phone consultations are $211 and can be scheduled/paid for under the SESSIONS section of my website.
  4. Certification Paperwork (Certification Document, Resource List, Practicioners Directory Info, etc) completed.
    ***For details of Certification Requirements, please visit the FAQ Page


Meet 2-4 WEDNESDAYS per month at 12noon Mountain Time through a LIVE, ONLINE classroom. All classes will be video recorded for those who can not make the class live, and stored in our online classroom through Teachery.

The dates of class are as follows: (schedule subject to change):

  • January 29th
  • February 5th, 12th and 19th
  • March 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th
  • April 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th
  • May 13th, 20th and 27th
  • June 3rd, 10th and 17th

In addition to our LIVE meetings, there will be scheduled co-counseling sessions with other students. Pod mentorship video calls are offered to students- groups of 3-5 students meeting with Rachelle. Several pre-recorded videos will be posted on our online platform, addressing TECHNIQUES discussed in INNATE’s training.

INNATE’s Manual plus postpartum care supplies are included in tuition.

Tuition is $1,997.


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