Breast Care - INNATE Traditions with Rachelle Garcia Seliga

Holistic Breast Care

There are currently few ‘specialists’ of breast care in our country. The health care that is generally available for our breasts is ‘diagnostic’ in nature and diagnostic care is not true health care. We need to be our own Breast ‘experts,’ to fill in this missing gap of a VITAL piece of our health care.

Women’s breasts are wise and sensitive just like the Canary birds. Canaries were once regularly used in coal mines as an early warning system. Signs of distress from the Canaries indicated to the miners that conditions were unsafe. Toxic gases released in the mine would kill the Canaries before affecting the miners.

The phrase “canary in a coal mine,” refers to a person or thing, which serves as an early warning of a coming crisis. One in 8 women in the United States has breast cancer at this time—indicative of the toxins in our Earth, Air and Water, and also indicative of women living in un-harmonious ways.

Our breasts are the place that we give from: to our babies, to our lovers and energetically to the world. As women, we are often wonderful givers, but not as wonderful receivers. Our breasts are giving us a wake-up call as women—to start taking care of ourselves: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and to start receiving as much as we are giving, to be in right relationship with Life.

There are many things we can actually do to CREATE health in our breasts; serving as preventative care.

During a Holistic Breast Care session, we review:

  • The anatomy and physiology of our breasts;
  • Normal breast changes throughout our lives;
  • Energetics of our Breasts; and
  • Breast Massage

The Breast Massage portion can be taught in whatever way you are most comfortable: I can teach you by performing it on you: over or under clothes—OR—I can teach you by demonstrating on myself, over my clothes, and you may practice on your own breasts, over your clothes. Breast Massage offers simple tools, that will serve you for life!

Benefits of Breast Massage:

  • Stimulates the endocrine system, secreting a powerful cocktail of hormones. Prolactin, Oxytocin, and Estrogen are three potent, life-supporting hormones known to be produced during breast massage.
  • Changes the fear of ‘monthly breast checks’ to a pleasurful and empowered experience.
  • Places us as our own ‘breast experts.’
  • Helps support lymphatic and blood circulation, reducing inflammation.
  • For nursing Mothers: Prevents blockages of milk ducts, prevents mastitis or helps heal from it.
  • Creates new pathways in our brain for increased sensitivity.

Types of Breast Massage Taught:

  • CIRCULATORY MASSAGE (or what is often known as Swedish massage):
    Even though our breasts are not made of muscle, 50% of our breasts lye over our pectorals muscle. The goal of circulatory massage is to increase circulation and blood flow in the body- bringing fresh, oxygenated cells into the body, enhancing detoxification. This massage targets our muscles and is important for our breast health as it helps move blood and lymph circulation.
    Lymphatic circulation is different from blood circulation. The lymphatic system acts as a one-way drainage system transporting fluid from body tissues into the blood circulation. It is MOVEMENT of the body that stimulates the lymphatic system. This movement may be our natural bodily movements (without bras on), massage, touch, stimulation, exercise, dancing, yoga, deep breathing and inversions. This movement creates a ‘pumping system’ for our lymph to move.
    Breasts are sensitive and on the front of our bodies. Our breasts are a direct expression of our hearts. We give a lot of energy from our breasts—through breastfeeding our babies, sharing our breasts with our lovers, giving ‘of our heart’ as women and caretakers Life. While women are wonderful givers, women often have a hard time RECEIVING.


We take care of the Earth, by taking care of ourselves as women. Taking care of ourselves as women and RECEIVING as we GIVE, is our way of being RESPECTFUL and HONORING to Life itself. When we RECEIVE and are well-nourished on all levels, then we are best able to fulfill our work as women, as the caretakers of Life.


Holistic Breast Care can be a session unto itself and/or added onto another session.

For Taos Residents:
$120 for a 1.5-hour session

$80 for a 1-hour session

For all others:
$135 for a 1.5-hour session

$90 for a 1-hour session