Repair, Remembrance, Resurrection.

An evening talk with Rachelle Seliga


In-person July 14th, at 7pm in Sintra, Portugal






Repair, Remembrance,  Resurrection.

An evening talk with Rachelle Seliga


Live, in-person on July 14th, at 7pm in Sintra, Portugal

We are living in a time of Repair. 
We are re-parenting ourselves as we parent our children. 
We are re-wilding ourselves - out of instinct injury. 
We are re-membering how to be women, how to be men, and how to exist in healthy polarities.
We are resurrecting the wisdom of who we are, in order to create a Living Culture that the world needs now.
We have nothing, and we have everything.

Let us come together to orient ourselves to the present time in which we are living.
Let us look at this now moment straight in the eyes, to understand how we can align with our original human design and BE the ancestors our future descendants will celebrate.


We honor our humanity, as much as we honor our divinity. 
We make peace with the darkness - as much as the light. 
We deeply grieve - and - we deeply commune with pleasure. 
We accept reality as it is.
This is how we create the change our hearts' desire.  

In-person July 14th, at 7pm in Sintra, Portugal

 Women AND Men welcomed.

Location of the talk will be provided once your registration is accepted.   

Rachelle Seliga: 

I am a Mother and a Traditional Midwife. I align with and abide by the Laws of Nature; the cyclical Nature of our bodies and the eternal Nature of our Souls.

I train healthcare practitioners in a framework of postpartum WELLNESS that is rooted in somatic integrity; so that Mothers, families and Planet may flourish.

My work is centered around us as individuals, families and communities as microcosms of the Universe.

I mentor young women, so that they may step up into their roles as community leaders; as living examples of right-relationship to Life.

I believe it is our birthright to live in Beauty, and my inner and outer work is dedicated to exactly this.