‘Reproductive mental health’ refers to:

The psychological and emotional well-being of women in and through our reproductive and regenerative experiences.

At one point in time, cross-culturally, it was the MIDWIVES who tended to: ‘reproductive mental health.’ In some places, it remains to be so.

Some of the considerations that have pertained to midwifery care since the beginning of time include:

– Knowing that a woman’s birth experience will impact her, her child, her family for all of life.

– Knowing that any interruption during labor or birth disturbs Mothers’/babies’ physiologic capacities to optimally bond and attach.

– Knowing that food is our first medicine and that adequate and appropriate nutrition has the ability to not only grow a healthy baby but to fortify a woman’s health and PREVENT and help to HEAL depression and anxiety.

– Knowing that any/all of our reproductive/regenerative experiences will alter us for life and can affect our state of well-being.

To tend to women’s reproductive mental health, we must understand women’s physiology and we must understand our mind-body connection.

Psychoneuroimmunology, the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. undergirds ‘reproductive mental health’.

We are not ‘going back’ to how things were – as we are always moving forward as humankind. However, it is clear that we DO need to bridge the gaps that currently exist within the compartmentalized systems of healthcare. INNATE Postpartum Care is working to bridge these gaps – especially between Birth and Mental Health Professionals, in the name of postpartum WELLNESS. I offer to you this free booklet I have created as an introduction to this tremendous body of work.

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Rachelle Garcia Seliga, CPM