Testimonials about INNATE Postpartum Care- Certification Training:

“I had the good fortune and opportunity to attend the Rachelle Garcia Seliga's INNATE Postpartum Care Certification Training in Cornville, Arizona. Not considering myself a birth worker, per say, I was so surprised to find the teachings to be ones that could deeply resonate with anyone who works in the realm of caring for women and families. Like the strings of a rebozo, the training wove together so many beautiful elements that could be very supportive for a postpartum woman, and any woman in the spectrum of life. The most precious part of the training for me, was to witness a sister fully in her medicine, answering the call of Creator and the ancestors, in the spirit of remembering and reclaiming the Original Instructions for the sake of healing humanity.”
Ericka Zamora-Wiggin
Community Elder and Elementary School Counselor in inner city San Diego.


“Rachelle Garcia Seliga's INNATE Postpartum Care Certification Training, is deeply healing and inspiring. She has synthesized ancient wisdom with modern, even groundbreaking, concepts. Her root to crown teaching method brings deeper integration to trainees. Rachelle's ethics and authenticity spread through all participants, creating a safe and deeply held learning environment. What you learn grows in your cells and manifests into a new level of caregiving and simply being in this world.I highly suggest this course, and want as many people possible to know the material Rachelle channels.”
Nicole Schiller
Community healer and birthkeeper

Shadae Freedom Nefera, Holistic Birth and Doula Support

Paeonia Laughs, Full Spectrum Doula

Testimonials about Holistic Well-Woman Care with Rachelle:

“I had been experiencing heaviness and discomfort in my womb for many months, and was referred to Rachelle through a mutual friend. I had never experienced Holistic Pelvic Care before, but I was intrigued and had the sense that this would be healing for me. I’m so happy that I followed my intuition on this one.

Over the course of 6 months and 5 sessions, I experienced deep inner healing, empowerment, and release of the discomfort. It’s hard to describe what all unfolded as it was a very personal and internal journey, and the womb can be a mysterious place. I can say that I tapped into my womb wisdom in a whole new way, experienced the activation of my feminine lineage which created healing for myself and my mother, and came away with a sense of deep connection to myself and a feeling of sovereignty in my womb that I had never known. I feel empowered by this now unshakeable connection to my womb, my source, my feminine core.

Rachelle is a gentle and present guide and I felt held and seen in each session. In my opinion, Holistic Pelvic Care is something every woman can benefit from. Being able to access the womb in a safe and non-sexual way with the guidance of a wise woman like Rachelle is a true gift that can really accelerate our collective and personal healing. I have recommended Rachelle to my dearest friends, and I can’t think of a better woman to journey in this area with than her.”
Jasmine, Clothing Designer and Life Coach


“I am 53 years old and throughout every stage of my womanhood I have been met with hardship and misery. Through the experience of Holistic Pelvic Care with Rachelle, I could feel an unearthing of truth open within.

I felt tension, mystery and message come forth. My left ovary gave me a message with a picture and we began to cleanse the past. My right ovary brought a different picture but same message as the cleansing continued. My uterus birthed a yellow rose bud that was beginning to open. As the energy flowed graciously in my womb I bowed in gratitude for this healing, this blessing. While in gratitude my womb energy moved upwards and connected with my third eye. No words can really describe the sacredness of this moment. It is pure bliss and joy to feel alive inside my womb. Warmth and nurturance covered my Being. My energy was alive, connecting to my body, mind and spirit. I knew in that moment that my intuition had been awakened. I remembered what it was like to feel like a Woman, fully connected in my womb, heart and third eye.

Being given the opportunity to remember wisdom, love of self and other has opened many doors as a result of this session with Rachelle. I have had another Holistic Pelvic Care session as well as Maya Abdominal Therapy with Rachelle. Deeper spiritual connection has occurred as well as the release of physical pain in the sacrum. I encourage every woman to connect with their own mystery in any way possible. This form of treatment will surely bring you to the altar of yourSelf within.”
Sandy, AyurvedicPracticioner, Yoga Teacher and Holistic Pelvic Care Practicioner