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Hocosa Swiss Made Long Underwear
Hocosa underwear is offered in two variations: 100% merino wool (the softest of all wools) or a 70/30 wool/silk blend. The wool chosen for Hocosa woolens is KbT Certified Organic wool, which ensures not only that the wool is free of pesticides, but that working standards have been met for those working in all stages of production.  Hocosa woolens provide comfort & well-being.

The wool/silk blend unites the best qualities of these two natural fibers, creating a truly unique textile. The soft merino wool absorbs moisture, keeping you dry & comfortable.  Silk adds extra softness & durability.  Natural fibers breathe, keeping you comfortable in either warmth or cold.



What we love, we are likely to protect, and to love something we must know it. Natural settings afford children direct experience with a world not made by humans, where they can feel themselves a part of a larger community of life.
~Lia Grippo, Dear Friend and Waldorf Teacher

Nurturing Traditions offers rain overalls for children,for all-weather nature play and exploration. Nurturing Traditions’ rain overalls are made with ‘PU’—a watertight alternative to ‘PVC’—and are designed so children can easily get them on and off. We offer these rain overalls to support and enhance your children’s innate sense of wonder and true sense of belonging.



Winterwear allows you to carry your baby on your front or back, in an Ergo, in a wrap or in a sling—enjoy the out of doors—and all the while, stay warm.
Winterwear is traditional clothing. Cultures from all over the world have always had Winterwear—clothing that could be worn over the Mama or family member carrying her baby, protecting both from the elements.

Nurturing Traditions offers the following Winterwear items: A beautiful Wool Poncho ~ An elegant Wool/Cashmere Tailored Jacket~ A Rain Poncho~ and a Fleece Jacket.