Holistic Midwifery Diploma Program
with Whapio of the Matrona

Whapio has been a midwife and teacher for the past 35 years. She has directed The Matrona since it’s creation in 2001, a non-profit organization dedicated to understanding the importance of the Consciousness of Birth and Returning Birth to the Family. Whapio has most recently created a: Holistic Midwifery Diploma Program for student midwives, using an online learning platform.

Students of the Holistic Midwifery Diploma Program will move through: on-line academic modules that are textbook oriented, recordings of Whapio’s teachings, intuitive lessons, as well as education in complementary healing modalities and work in developing mediation, conflict resolution and peacekeeping skills.

Another aspect of the diploma program will be required on-site, 3-day weekends with Whapio and on-site Skills Workshops with Matrona teachers, as well as INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training for the postpartum education block, with Rachelle Garcia Seliga.

Upon successful completion of the program, a degree in Holistic Midwifery from the Matrona will be granted.

The Matrona’s Philosophy of Education

At the Matrona we have observed increasingly more women desiring to have birthing experiences that are transformative, fulfilling and self-directed. Our goal is to educate midwives to facilitate the needs of new birthing families.

We believe that birth changes are an evolutionary force that cannot be stopped and that the conversation about birth undergirds the myriad of conversations about evolution…about our DNA, our pineal gland, hormones, life force, relationships, health, family…about our desire and ability to create and execute acts of self-directed will… about our embodiment of shared humanity that is in alignment with many of the current revelations of quantum physics.

We believe in Returning Birth to the Family and we believe that the study of midwifery is not the just study of birth, but the study of life. This is the content of our conversation at The Matrona.

At The Matrona we are facilitating a shift in the education of midwives by offering a model that does not require an institutionalized perception of midwifery training, and a model that offers a deepening of the life skills inherent in midwifery care. Communication skills, eldership training, discussions on rank-power-privilege, and intuition exploration~~all of these topics are vital parts of our curriculum and go hand-in-hand with anatomy and physiology and practical skills.

A Midwife’s Practice

At The Matrona, we envision Midwifery as part of the original model of womancare. This model has evolved and changed continuously over the centuries and is currently a vast and ever expanding tapestry of birthing consciousness. Mothers and midwives are the principle weavers. Working in concert, we preserve a model of bringing forth life with dignity and grace. Together we facilitate the creation of family and community on this planet.

As midwives, we do not strive to control birth – or each other. Rather, we allow birth to evolve freely and gracefully to its natural conclusion. In doing so, each of us – mother, father, baby and midwife – unfolds as a more whole and perfect human being. Midwifery calls each of us to our highest and best.

In our quest to cultivate ourselves and serve others with love and respect, we facilitate important rites of passage. As midwives we guard the doors of birth and death, healing and growth. We empower each other and ourselves by allowing the process of life to unfold according to and individual divine plan.

At The Matrona we come together to develop our innate spiritual selves. We experience the rites of passage attendant on becoming a Midwife, we seek realms of higher learning and we learn to be comfortable and conversant with the body-mind-spirit continuum.

The privilege to attend women and families in birth requires commitment and dedication to a lifestyle that embraces a desire to pursue the sacred. A Midwife’s practice reflects her experience of what is holy, what is honorable, what is generous, compassionate, noble and loving. From her ability to heal herself comes the power to facilitate healing in others. From self-respect flows respect for others.
From connection with the Ancient Heart of Midwifery, the old and sacred traditions, comes the ability to remember the ways that have served families for centuries. From authentic spiritual practice and incorporation of the sacred as part of daily life comes her ability to practice midwifery with an appropriate balance of intuition and skills. From this perspective all else flows.

For more information, contact Whapio at by emailing her here, or visit her website at: thematrona.com/birth/midwifery-program/