Frequently Asked Questions


When trainings happen in Taos, New Mexico, we prepare lunches for students all days, and our time together concludes with ceremony.


Yes, payment plans are accepted for all of INNATE’s training.  They are set up as automatic payment plans, through PayPal, as 4-even payments over a 4-month period for INNATE’s ONLINE training and 3-even payments over a 3-month period for INNATE’s IN-PERSON training. Payments are non-refundable.


My family and I offer two large grants ($700-$1500 grants) per INNATE training, as well as two small grants (of $100) per INNATE training.  We offer these grants for birth and health professionals of color, as well as for single Mothers, all of whom are actively working within their communities, and have true financial need.

The scholarships we offer for birth and health care professionals of color are in acknowledgement of 500+ years of racism being used as a weapon against humanity—with the understanding that this ‘history’ affects ALL of us today. We feel it imperative for the health of all people, that each community has culturally-competent care providers with whom they feel good and safe with.  This felt sense of safety is foundational for nervous-system regulation, which is foundational to wellness. The scholarships we offer is one part of our contribution to the creation of: community wellness.

We believe that when we address our collective history of indoctrination of inferiority and superiority complexes – through dismantling our respective conditioning, through conscious dialogue, and through external action – we will be able to create a world based in love and justice.

We offer scholarships for single Mothers who are birth and health care professionals, because we understand that Mothering in the modern world is a TREMENDOUS work, and single-Mothering that much more so. This is a small way that we are able to contribute to a support network for single Mothers.

Our family is not in the position to offer trades/scholarships/loans beyond these outlined scholarships we do offer. This business structure we have created is how our family assures our health and vitality—therefore assuring our ability to continue offering what we do. INNATE’s training is how our family supports ourselves, and represents 17-plus years of hard work and synthesis of information.

If you are wanting to participate in INNATE Postpartum Care-Certification Training and do not qualify for the scholarships we offer and/or do not currently have the funds to register, we can suggest the following:

  • We offer payment plans as outlined above.
  • Apply for a grant from a supporting organization.
  • Take out a personal loan from a loved one.
  • Ask an existing client to consider paying you in advance for your work, resourcing you to take this training.
  • There are many possibilities available to manifest the resources needed to take this training.

I created this training in part to give to birth and health care professionals the necessary tools to create thriving businesses – in integrity and alignment with life. I support THRIVING LIFE on this planet, and this includes financially thriving through economic security.


Upon successful completion of the Certification Requirements, Certification as an INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider gives you the right to:

-Identify yourself as an INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider.

-Be included in the INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider Practitioner’s Directory (***link to: our website.

-Be included in marketing/advertising through Innate Traditions’ website and social media.

-Have access to a private, INNATE Providers web page, where you have access to:

    • A 5-class community education series to teach in your community entitled:                                                                        

INNATE Postpartum Care – Community Education Series    Mother-Centered Postpartum Care for FAMILY WELLNESS;               Rooted in Revitalized Community Support.  

    • Media pack – of marketing and advertising materials for the community education series
    • 4 handouts to use with your clients – based on the community education series.
    • Recorded webinars and ongoing educational resources.
    • INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider logo for your business purposes.