Frequently Asked Questions


When trainings happen in Taos, New Mexico, we prepare lunches for students all days, and our time together concludes with ceremony.

Do you accept payment plans for INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training?

Yes, payment plans are accepted for INNATE’s training.

For all INNATE trainings (in-person and online) happening AFTER September, 2018, payment plans are set up as automatic payments, paid through PayPal.

For INNATE’s training in Taos, August 2018 – this will be the final time we offer payments in the following way: Money is sent to me through PayPal: through the ‘friends and family’ option. $97 reserves your space. Up to 3 total payments can be made.

In the notes section of your payment through PayPal, include the following information: Your name; How much money you are paying out of total payment; How much money you have payed in total; Class location/where you are attending INNATE’s training.

Payment plans must be paid-in-full by August 1st, 2018 for Taos’ training.

Payments are non-refundable.

Do you offer scholarships/grants/trades for INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training?

My family and I offer two $100 grants per INNATE training for birth and health professionals of color, as well as for single Mothers, all of whom are actively working within their communities. Through grant writing and consistent outreach, we do at times have larger scholarship opportunities available.

If you are interested in a applying for a scholarship position, please CONTACT US.

The scholarships we offer for birth and health care professionals of color are in acknowledgement of 500+ years of racism being used as a weapon against humanity—with the understanding that this ‘history’ affects ALL of us today. We feel it imperative for the health of the people that each community has culturally-competent care providers that they feel safe and good with. These scholarships offered is one part of our contribution to the creation of this reality.

We believe that when we address this history of inferiority and superiority through dismantling our own conditioning, through conscious dialogue, and through external action, we will be able to create a world based in love and justice.

We offer scholarships for single Mothers who are birth and health care professionals, because we understand that Mothering in the modern world is a TREMENDOUS work, and single-Mothering that much more so. This is a small way that we are able to contribute to a support network for single Mothers.

Our family is not in the position to offer trades/scholarships/loans beyond these two scholarships we do offer. This business structure we have created is how our family assures our health and vitality—therefore assuring our ability to continue offering what we do. INNATE’s training is how our family supports ourselves, and represents 16plus years of hard work and synthesis of information.

If you are wanting to participate in INNATE Postpartum Care-Certification Training and do not currently have the funds to register, we can suggest the following:

  • We offer payment plans as outlined above.
  • Apply for a grant from a supporting organization.
  • Take out a personal loan from a loved one.
  • Ask an existing client to consider paying you in advance for your work, resourcing you to take this training.
  • There are many possibilities available to manifest the resources needed to take this training.

I created this training in part to give to birth and health care professionals the necessary tools to create thriving businesses – in integrity and alignment with life. I support THRIVING LIFE on this planet, and this includes financially thriving.

Are Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) Offered?

INNATE Postpartum Care – Certification Training has received CEU’s from the following organizations:

  • 27 CEU’s through the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) for mental health professionals; and
  • 28 CEU’s through the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council (MEAC) for midwives.

Please check with your own state-licensing boards in regards to whether or not these CEU’s qualify for your needs.

INNATE’s Schedule During The 4-Day, In-Person Training:

INNATE’s 4-day training is an ‘intensive’; therefore, please expect our class to meet from 9am-6pm daily. Depending on the group’s needs and dynamics, class may begin later or end earlier on given days. Our class schedule is the following:

Day 1:
Morning: Group Introductions and Introducing the history, lineage, container of INNATE Postpartum Care.

Afternoon: PELVIC FLOOR health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

Day 2:
Morning: UTERINE health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

Afternoon: ABDOMINAL health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

Day 3:
Morning: BREAST health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

Afternoon: THROAT health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH

Day 4:
Morning: BRAIN AND HORMONAL health in relation to WHOLE HEALTH


Certification Requirements:

To become CERTIFIED as an INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, the following requirements must be met within 6 months of completion of training:

1. Required reading of 4 books.

2. Three Case Studies applying INNATE Postpartum Care teachings. The purpose of case studies is:

  • That we are not just ‘talking’ about the information/understanding it from our minds only, but rather that we are embodying it; and
  • That you begin to envision how you want to weave INNATE’s teachings into the work you are already doing—and then try it out. In this way, you will be developing your unique expression of how to bring this work forth serving postpartum women.

3. Case Study #1 must be done on YOURSELF—applying the information and techniques learned to your life and your body. This is ‘care for the caretaker’ and is how we practice in integrity. Case studies #2 and #3 may be done with clients, friends, or family members—whether one week or 10 years/plus postpartum. These case studies are to be done at a discounted rate.

4. Each case study must be a written review at 1-3 pages long, sent in a SINGLE WORD document.

5. Upon completion of the booklist reading and the case studies, an approximately 1-hour phone consultation is scheduled with Rachelle. Phone consultations are $211 and can be scheduled/paid for under the SESSIONS section of my website.

6. Once your phone consultation is scheduled, INNATE’s Certification Agreement will be sent to you via email.

7. At least 3-days in advance of your scheduled call, please submit by email:
The Certification Agreement (print, sign, scan and email)

  • Your 3 completed case study reports
  • A resource list of women’s health providers within your community—so that you can refer your clients to others as needed. Please include in this list providers who offer: uterine treatments, intra-vaginal work, cranial-sacral work, or myofascial release and Naturopathic Doctors. If these providers do not exist within your community,connect with these providers outside of your community.
  • 3 to 5 questions/points that you would like to discuss during our phone consult (related to postpartum care/work, business related, personal/life coaching related).
  • Information for the Practitioners Directory, including:
    • a head shot photo,
    • a 3-5 sentence biography,
    • your contact information, including your city, state, website, email, and phone number if desired.

8. Successfully complete the phone consultation.

Certification Benefits:

Upon successful completion of the Certification Requirements, Certification as an INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider gives you the right to:

  • Identify yourself as an INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider.
  • Use the INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider logo on your website and marketing materials for business purposes.
  • Be included in the INNATE Postpartum Care—Certified Provider Practitioner’s Directory on our website.
  • Use the outline/template of a 2-3 hour community education class entitled: “Introduction to INNATE Postpartum Care: The 4-Essentials to Postpartum Healing.”
  • Use 4 handouts, created by Rachelle, with your clients in your own community—in accordance with the terms of the Certification Agreement.
  • Be included in marketing/advertising through Innate Traditions’ website and social media.

Do you offer an affiliate program if I am interested in helping to spread the word about INNATE’s trainings?

We offer an affiliate program for INNATE’s ONLINE training. One of the most important aspects for deep learning and healing is the element of community. To learn within a community of like-minded individuals is to reclaim that which is life-giving and life-affirming. Our affiliate program was created to encourage students to invite their colleagues to join them in INNATE’s training, so that once the training is completed, they have at least one person in their inner circle with whom they can continue to share this conversation, this path, and this work with. This affiliate structure creates a symbiotic web that will allow this sacred and imperative work to reach as many people as possible – far beyond my own personal reach – and help you to share this training within your respective communities. If you are interested in more information about our affiliate program, please fill out the form below: