Directory of INNATE Postpartum Care-
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INNATE Postpartum Care, was created by Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Rachelle Garcia Seliga, to fulfill the needs of women and families during the postpartum period. Very little has been available by means of holistic postpartum care, and INNATE Postpartum Care fills this gap.

Ancient postpartum traditions from throughout the world—while specific to the cultural context in which they come—all share deep common roots. These postpartum traditions all point to the importance of an extended resting period, warmth, specific foods and bodywork after birth. These commonalities of postpartum traditions throughout the world are not a coincidence—they are rooted in women’s physiologic design.

‘Physiologic Birth’ is now understood and defined in the birth community as: “Birth that is powered by the innate human capacity of the woman and the fetus. This birth is more likely to be safe and healthy because there is no unnecessary intervention that disrupts normal physiologic processes.’

The same phenomenon is true for the postpartum period. We have a physiologic design of what our needs are postpartum in order for ‘optimal results’ to be achieved.

The ‘optimal results’ in regards to the postpartum period is not just the survival of Mother and Baby—rather the THRIVING of Mother and Baby.

We have been surviving as Mothers and babies in modern times, but on a whole we have not been thriving. When women thrive, families thrive. When families thrive, communities thrive. When communities thrive, so too does our beautiful Earth. We ‘take care of’ the future generations by properly ‘taking care’ of women during the childbearing continuum.

Postpartum care is a crucial, missing piece to our health care as women, and INNATE Postpartum Care – Certified Providers are filling this gap through education and application.

INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Providers come from a variety of backgrounds: Midwives, Doulas, Chiropractors, Lactation Consultants, Licensed Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists and more. INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Providers, have been trained in the physiology of the postpartum period, and the unique needs and opportunities we have at this time in our lives—to support life-long health and vitality.

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Shadae Bowen - Sedona, AZ

I am a mama, songstress, and explorer of the healing arts. My offering in this lifetime is my deep remembrance of what it is to be feminine. Through my own transformational dance of motherhood, I am inspired to provide spiritual, emotional, practical, and heart centered support to women during conception, the childbearing continuum, postpartum, and beyond. As a certified holistic doula, vaginal steam practitioner, yoga/meditation guide, and plant based cuisine artist, I channel my various skills and life experiences into my healing work with women.The INNATE postpartum services I offer include comprehensive postpartum education and counseling, Moxibustion, vaginal steams, herbal baths, Rebozo closing, and warming, nutritious plant based postpartum meals. My intention for every woman I serve is for her to feel informed of the importance of postnatal community care, affirmed in trusting her own powerful intuition, and deeply supported in honoring her unique physiological needs as a growing mother.



Luka Johnson - Orange County, CA

Luka is a UCSD Certified Lactation Educator, Certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, and an educator at OC Doula, hosting breastfeeding classes and Innate Postpartum teachings once a month. She organized “Nursing the Future” in 2005, the first Meetup group in OC for breastfeeding moms, and worked in the baby wearing industry for 8 years, encouraging bonding relationships. Luka’s passion for natural childbirth and breastfeeding started with the births of her own two babies. She has felt called to pursue a career in empowering and supporting women to flourish in their intuitive Knowing as women and as new moms. Luka is aware that birth, and the postpartum period, is not always ideal in our culture and women and families are rarely supported in the process. She cares deeply about preventing birth trauma for women and babies, and holding space for them them. Guided to do her part as a healer and educator, Luka ensures that the neglected areas of care are provided including the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Luka offers traditional belly binding from bengkung, fajas and rebozo closing ceremonies as well as moxibustion and yoni steaming. To further her own offerings, she is currently dually enrolled in BCTA/NA to become a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and The Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH) to become a Certified Educator. Luka believes that the importance of this work is not only for the woman who gives birth to the baby, the family who receives the baby, but it’s for the wellbeing of the greater community, of which we are all part. It’s been said that if we get birth right, we have half a chance of getting society right.



Haize Hawke Rosen - Los Angeles, CA

I am a Mother, Doula, Student Midwife, Meditation Teacher, Healer, Long- Distance Birth Coach, a Life Coach, and a Spiritual Counselor residing in Los Angeles, CA. My Doula training began with ACHI and completed with ALACE. I focus on creating the family unit in a way that allows for the most support and relaxation in birth. I also focus on Nutrition, and lifestyle during pregnancy, birth, and delivery. Pregnancy is a spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical journey. The sessions I hold provide the mother with a safe place where she can ask questions, speak freely, and become empowered and supported. In private sessions, I offer birth related issues, including preconception planning your pregnancy, fear and labor, birth trauma (yours or your mother's) miscarriages, stillbirths, or abortions and postpartum concerns. Phone and Skype sessions are available for those not able to meet in person for a fee. Lastly, I am the facilitator of Sister2Sister/Brother2Brother Coming of Age Spirituals and Rites of Passages Ceremonies. This is a celebration and support for a young girls and boys as well as women and men, evolving into adulthood. This is a wonderful opportunity for all to be taught the responsibilities and gain the support of embracing this new journey to come.



Nicole Love Schiller - Humboldt County, CA

Hello! I am Nicole Love Schiller, and my INNATE Postpartum Care services include 20 years experience as Licensed Registered Nurse (RN), Energetic Healer, studies in Lay Midwifery, and Integrated Womb Care.  I weave Reiki, CranioSacral Therapy, Feather Tapping (a Shamanic modality), Meditation, and Clairvoyant Healing in with Nutrition, Uterine Warming (with Moxibustion Therapy and Yoni Steaming), Rebozo Therapy, and Body Awareness Exercises.  I hold a deeply nurturing environment for Mothers to receive wellness, centering, and support.  All of this empowers Mothers to release present pain and ancestral wounding/trauma.  Mothers have the gift of holding themselves and family sacred, leading to sacred communities, and a sacred world.  Thank you Mothers!



Cindy Webster - San Diego, CA

I am a CAPPA certified Postpartum Doula, a trained Lactation Educator, an ICEA trained Birth Educator and an INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider. I am on staff at the Birth Education Center in San Diego teaching Breastfeeding 101. My mission is to provide physical and emotional support to a new mother and her family. It is my passion to help new parents transition into parenthood in the privacy of their own home. I felt called to be a 'mother-to-mothers' later in life. With my degree from San Diego State University, I have spent the last 25 years in elementary education while raising my own family. It was the experience of being present at my first grandson's birth that changed my career path. I have mentored friends and my own daughters along the exciting, sometimes scary journey of becoming mothers, and as I look back, I see that my path was always headed here, to birth work. I feel I was led to the to INNATE Postpartum Care training and feel honored to have received this sacred knowledge and to now share it with the women of Southern California. It is an exciting time to be involved in the empowering and renewing of the female body and to help women realize the physiological need to take responsibility for their own postpartum care.



Kaitan Tripaldi - Mendocino County, CA

First and foremost, I am honored to be the mother of two amazing free spirited active boys who are my greatest teachers. I am also the partner of a supportive and gentle man. I am a free birth advocate, holistic birth & postpartum doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, certified midwife assistant , reiki II practitioner, shiatsu massage practitioner, and herbal enthusiast. As an INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider, I offer moxabustion treatments, yoni steams, herbal baths, homemade infused massage oils, lymphatic breast massage education, birth processing meditation & coaching, belly wrapping, and meal planning. Your healing into becoming a mother is meant to be witnessed.



Ilka Braunstein - Sacramento, CA

Hello, I’m Ilka, I practice Holistic Women’s Health & Relationship Coaching in Sacramento, California. I’m specialized to support new parents in the postpartum time and beyond. I believe that nurturing a bonding family in this vulnerable time is most important and new parents need sensitive, non-judgmental and heart centered support to adapt smoothly to the new life as a family!
Through my experience as a Doula I learned that the 4th trimester is sacred and has unique challenges that need dedicated and knowledgeable care. As a yoga teacher I know the power of presence and aim to include body awareness practices such meditation and breathing in all my sessions. A wild journey around the world and many detours let me to become a well- rounded and passionate birth worker and educator; I’m a natural nurturer and intuitive healer. As an INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider, I will create a safe space for my clients to rest, heal and grow into motherhood with confidence and strength.
I see myself as an advocate for empowered mothers, balanced intimate relationships and healthy family connections.



Aishat Hasati - Inglewood, CA

Aishat is a mother of four, homeschooler, artist, trained Labor and Birth Doula, and Certified Innate Postpartum Care Provider. She became aware of her passion for working with women and their families after the birth of her first child in 2006, and has been working with women since 2008. She has also studied under traditional Kemetic Master Healers and Priests, learning ancient systems of healing, meditation, language and philosophy. All of this has helped to form a foundation for how she operates throughout her life and how she cares for others. Recognizing the void in postpartum care through her own experiences, both in birth and miscarrying, has given her the motivation to make this her focus. Her goal in working with women is to help them become their best selves through empowerment, knowledge, being cared for and self-care.
With a holistic perspective, Aishat provides council in preparation for birth and postpartum, guidance in connecting with self and or baby through meditation, meal planning, education on breast care including movement and massage, yoni steams, castor oil packs and moxibustion. Most of all she wishes to hold a safe space for women free of judgment. Feeling nurtured, respected, and loved will encourage women to trust their intuition, one of our greatest gifts, and allow them to blossom into who they are becoming.



Emily Manelius - Longmont, CO

Emily is a mother, a doula, and a women’s health advocate. She is passionate about nutrition and herbalism, strongly believing that food is medicine and the Earth provides us with tools for healing. Her work emphasizes the postpartum period, providing self-care education prenatally and postpartum and facilitating the space and time to heal on all levels. Following INNATE’s model of care, Emily helps families to thrive in their newfound dynamics and offers herbal consultations and custom herbal products, yoni steams, individual nutrition plans, and more to aid in holistic healing and restoration.

Special Services — Birth & Postpartum Doula, INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, Yoni Steam Therapist, Herbalist, Certifying Nutritional Therapist, and Owner of Beltane Wellness.



Amy Meilen - Longmont, Colorado

Amy is a Women's Health Physical Therapist (WHPT), as well as a birth doula and postpartum care provider, who loves treating women holistically. She sees her clients at home, at her office, and astride her horses to help support them on their journeys as they transition from maiden to mother and beyond.  Her work looks at the emotional and physical self, assists mamas with cultural implications/demands, and formulates a postpartum plan that nourishes, strengthens, and supports women to come into their power as mothers, partners and community members.  Amy is also the creator of Sage Birth and Wellness Collective- a collective of providers who offer a full menu of services for women and their families throughout all stages of fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum.  



Katie "Aiyanah" Gerhard - Black Hawk, Colorado

I am a woman, a mother, a partner, and an intuitive healer that utilizes a broad range of holistic modalities to assist women and families on their evolutionary journey. I work as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor, Holistic Birth Doula and INNATE Postpartum Care-Certified Provider, and am currently training in Quantum Midwifery at The Matrona. My heart-centered practice involves a unique and loving approach tailored to the individual needs and preferences of each woman where she is now.

Intuitive Evolution - Serving Colorado's Front Range and Mountain Communities



Celeste Ma'at - Denver, Colorado

Celeste Ma'at is a student at Metropolitan State Univerisity of Denver where she Majors in Health and Wellness for Marginalized People.  She is a certified Ra Sekhi Practioner (Kemetic Reiki) through the Ra Sekhi Healing arts Temple, Certified MaYoni'at Yoni Steam Practioner through the Yoni Steam Institute and INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider, through Innate Traditions.  She owns Light as A Feather a Whole Womens Holistic Wellness practice in Denver, CO.


Address: 2001 York St. Denver CO 80025


Lo Kawulock - Boulder County, Colorado

Lo Kawulok is a mother, midwife, and community advocate that has been supporting women and families as a full- spectrum, reproductive health care worker for about 13 years. Lo is deeply connected to the spiritual practices and midwifery traditions of indigenous Mayan and Mexican roots, and mindfully weaves them into her practice.  Lo completed the Innate Postpartum Care training and certification in April of 2017, which deepened her understanding of the importance of holistic care during the postpartum period.  Lo knits healing therapies into the care she provides for her midwifery clients at Community Roots Midwife Collective and is also available for individual postpartum care for those living in or near Boulder County. Please inquire about her collective midwifery services or postpartum care at:



Allison Milford - Gainesville, Florida

Allison is a heart- centered mother, Licensed Massage Therapist, and INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider dedicated to helping women thrive within their mind, body, and spirit. She offers to hold a loving space for women through their prenatal, pregnancy, and postpartum journey through all-inclusive support packages composed of education, the ancient healing art of Thai massage, ceremony, self-awareness tools, uterine warming methods (Moxibustion, Rebozo Ceremony, and Yoni Steam), and nourishing postpartum meal preparation. She believes helping women bring holistic awareness, love to honor to their womb space is one of the most empowering gifts to give ourselves and the Great Mother. Allison carries a mission of unity and harmony bringing reverence to the dance of the light and darkness of life while honoring the Divine in all.



Leah Rose Hagen - Bloomington and Southern Indiana

I have been drawn to babies all my life, doing my best to connect and make them smile- even during my childhood. In 2010-2011, I was living with a family through their last three months of pregnancy and first three months postpartum, and was guided in a "right place, right time" moment to take a postpartum doula training. It confirmed that a major part of my Work on this earth is supporting the coming generations by taking good care of their Mommas. It is an absolute necessity, not a luxury to have postpartum support. In my work supporting families postpartum, I saw how essential good food was! This led me to start the business Nourish: in-home chefs, homemade food delivery and catering. Originally intended for childbearing families, Nourish now serves all people and all food preferences. As an INNATE Postpartum Care Provider I am able to take postpartum care to the next level. I offer warming body therapies like sitz baths, yoni steams, moxibustion, castor oil packs, and abyanga warm oil treatments; to allow Mommas to be fully nurtured. This is the confirming, real, grounded, centering, strengthening and empowering holistic care needed to reinvigorate women and their families!



Chloe Klopotek - Marquette, MI

Chloe Klopotek is a Educator, Mother, and Therapeutic Bodyworker in Marquette, Michigan. She specializes in Maya Abdominal Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy (for all ages), and Holistic Pelvic Care.  Chloe uses Fertility Awareness Method and touch therapies to promote health in women of all ages, with an emphasis on menstrual cycles, fertility, postpartum, menopause, and beyond.



Paeonia - Asheville, NC

I am passionately supporting folks at the threshold of birth, pregnancy loss, abortion, fertility awareness and the postpartum as an expression of my love for humanity. To companion mothers and womb carriers at the threshold is to foster the well-being of all people. My emphasis is in honest to goodness nourishing food, ritual and talk medicine. I offer non-judgmental education, loving touch and personalized care. My people call me earthy. They are right! I love to garden, eat, dance and be merry!
Folks that work with me can expect to be heard, understood as unique individuals, and to be cared for creatively and attentively.



RaShaunda Lugrand - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

RaShaunda Lugrand is a wife of 11 years, mother of three amazing boys, author of ‘The Karma of The Butterfly" and founder of ‘The InTune Mother Project". Using the ancient principles from various wisdom teachings, RaShaunda is focused on building sustainable communities that hold sacred space for culturally centered families. Her vision is to aid in three points of communal healing: Conscious Conception, Conscious Childbirth, and Conscious Childrearing. RaShaunda is a student of Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis and holds several certifications in community-centered birth work.  As a SMP Doula, Holistic Doula, and Holistic Childbirth Educator, along with Breastfeeding Consultant, she is excited to now be a part of INNATE Traditions as a Certified Postpartum Provider. 



Rose Hurd - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Becoming a parent connected me to my family history of midwives and I became intrigued by the miracle of childbirth. I welcomed my first child without a companion; during that time, having a spouse or birth partner present was not an option. I was young and alone in a room filled with strangers. As my family grew, I started a support group for young parents and witnessed the births of family and community members with the love and care that I was not allowed. After earning my Bachelors degree in Human Development and Family Sciences at Oklahoma State University and becoming an educator, I discovered that the first learning environment is in the womb. Understanding that our future lies within each birth, I wanted to make a difference with how children develop and grow by creating warm and caring leaning environments and encouraged parent involvement in the classroom and later in a homeschool setting. With the concern for good health in my community, I help to grow gardens at home daycares in areas considered food deserts. My connection to the birth keepers in my family lead me back to my passion and I became a Certified Advanced Holistic Doula from The Matrona (hosted by The Intune Mother), which enabled me to prepare families for a healthy conception, pregnancy and birth. To help prepare families to make informed choices, I became a certified Childbirth Educator with GentleBirth so that families will be calm, confident and prepared. I am now proud to announce that I am able to extend my care for mothers with my postpartum care provider training from Innate Traditions. My training has encouraged me to help guide women to understand the importance of putting themselves high in the priority of care. Because I am a life-long learner, my journey has not come to an end, as I embark on becoming a certified lactation consultant and maybe, a midwife.

Peace and Love



Camilla Rae - Portland, OR

Camilla Rae is a Full Spectrum Doula, whose care provides a focus on the postpartum period and sibling support.  Located in Portland, Oregon, Camilla incorporates holistic healing for parents, infants, and families during the fourth trimester and beyond.  With loving compassion, Camilla enjoys caring for the expanding family, sharing baby rearing wisdom, and holding space for the transition into parenthood



Sejal Fichadia - Portland, OR

My postpartum care career is inspired by the person that I am and my background: I feel that when you help a mom, you are helping the entire family to grow and be empowered. I believe that I can be a part of the village that is needed to raise a child for a better future. I am very proud to be from India, a culture that is known worldwide for its heritage and hospitality. Not only is helping moms and families in my nature, it’s also a big part of the way I was raised! I have been living my mission for 3+ years and empowering new parents with the skills that are needed to raise their child. I offer various postpartum support packages, and private as well as group classes in Baby Massage, Baby Yoga,
TummyTime!™, Newborn Care and Breastfeeding. I am also an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Feel free to reach out: I love hearing from new people, and you can look forward to some yummy food and good ol’ Indian hospitality.



Rhonda Barnhill - Virginia Beach, Virginia

I am an INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider, a Certified Holistic Doula with the Matrona, an Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage Practitioner, a Holistic Pelvic Care Practitioner & an 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher with Khalsa Way. I strive to empower women with wisdom, nurture them with heart and hands so that they may heal and thrive. Empower~Nurture~Heal.



Shatia M. Owsley, MS  - Washington, DC (Metro Area)

The supreme calling that transformed my life was being blessed to carry my energetic and loving son. He transformed my world and penetrated the very depths of my soul with his wise existence. So I blessed to be called Mommy! I am also a Maternal & Reproductive Health Educator, Preconception Counselor, Certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider, Trained Full-Spectrum Doula and Holistic Maternity Nutrition & Fitness Educator. My educational quest and stimulating life experiences led me on a journey of profound self-discovery, allowing me to connect with several families and individuals from all walks of life. Understanding that reproductive, maternal and family health is a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical journey; I provide families with a supportive, encouraging, and transparent environment that fosters full body healing. I offer Preconception Counseling and Planning, Family Life Counseling (Adjusting to life after baby), Fitness and Nutritional Healing, Guided Meditation (Preconception, Pregnancy & Postpartum), Yoni Steams, Herbal Baths, and various reproductive health education trainings (i.e. STI support/prevention, sexual wellness, teen parenting, etc.). I believe that I was placed on this earth to serve others, allowing for an abundance of universal healing. I will continue to expand my knowledge in order to provide a full range of services to the community. I am honored that my ancestors saw fit to choose me to support families on this humbling passage and I looking for to growing with you. Peace, Love & Light!



Amanda Valdez

My name is Amanda Valdez and I am an INNATE Postpartum Care- Certified Provider, a postpartum doula, and the owner of Innate Love Doula Services. My passion is to provide holistic support and education to women during their postpartum period. Women are the caretakers of life and deserve to be honored, warmed, nourished, and cared for after their baby’s arrival.

I feel called to this work because proper care and adequate rest during the postpartum period is vital to women’s lifelong health. We currently have little to no postpartum care in our society unless we create or search for it ourselves. It is not a standard or expectation. Having two children of my own I recognize the lack of attention we give to the postpartum period. The services I provide and the work that I do is dedicated to the revival of traditional and holistic postpartum care.



Katie Spataro, CSB

Katie is a mother and doula who works across the full spectrum of pregnancy experiences including miscarriage, abortion, birth and postpartum. She holds the belief that our sexual health and reproductive choices are basic human rights. Katie is a certified provider of INNATE Postpartum Care, a Birthing From Within Mentor, a certified SexologicalBodyworker, and a Holistic Pelvic Care practitioner. Her services utilizes ritual, touch, breath and movement to tap into the wisdom of our bodies to support our personal and collective healing journeys.

Sacred Womb Services


Cecilia Cordova

Ceci Córdova is a Traditional Healer, Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM), Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (CFNP), and owner of Sacred Good Medicine and Full Moon Midwifery, serving families in the greater Seattle, Washington area.  She provides Craniosacral Therapy, Ancestral Hands on Healing, Infant Massage and Maya Abdominal Massage.  Ceci practices Sacred Midwifery Care for all phases and ages of a woman’s life including: pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, as well as pelvic floor work.  Sacred  functional midwifery is expert midwifery care with attention and respect to your spiritual being and needs. This includes the wisdom available to us through many and diverse modes of understanding, supporting, and healing for your baby, body, heart, and soul.  Ceci also offers Sacred Functional Integrative Holistic Health Care for the entire family, including: breastfeeding support, tongue tie concerns, birth injuries, allergies, injury, chronic and acute pain, most acute and chronic health concerns.

Ceci incorporates INNATE Postpartum Care into her midwifery and family practice as part of her Holistic Functional and Integrative health care, body work, and spiritual and ritual practice.  She offers INNATE Postpartum Care through individual visits and through her one year program called "The 1st 12 Months," which includes individual body work appointments and group time.


Penny Burrows - Dorrigo, Mid-North Coast NSW Australia

I have worked for over 20 years supporting families through the postpartum time. For 17 of those years I have worked as a birthkeeper, trained by apprenticeship in the art of being with birth, herbal medicine for the childbearing year and craniosacral therapy. I am also an accredited Childbirth Educator. I support women to birth their babies at home and couples through the rite of passage that makes them a family. I am dedicated to reinspiring my community about the necessity of comprehensive postnatal care and deep rest at this time for the long term health and wellbeing of our women.



Angela Esplin - Fraser Valley, BC

Angela is a full-spectrum doula, supporting women through miscarriage, abortion, labour and the postpartum period. She has been working with women in the realms of birth since 2000. Angela incorporates Reiki, Reconnective Healing, homeopathic remedies, plant-based medicine, touch, breathwork, Rebozo and Spinning Babies technique, along with placenta encapsulation and honouring ceremonies into her practice. She is a certified INNATE Postpartum Care Provider who offers yoni steams, castor oil packs, postnatal herbal bath, Rebozo closing and moxibustion treatment, as well as comprehensive self-care education in scar-tissue remediation, vaginal massage and holistic breast care.

Cell: 778-952-4456