Phone/Skype Consultations

Phone or Skype Consultations are offered for:

  • Those completing INNATE Postpartum Care Certification: Details of Certification requirements are outlined on the FAQ page.
  • Mothers who are seeking support during the postpartum time: Phone or Skype sessions are ideal for those seeking support in the postpartum time—but can not or do not want to travel outside of their home. Postpartum support is the optimal medicine to remedy the feelings of loneliness, confusion and/or depression that many new parents experience at this juncture of time. Postpartum care is a missing piece of our collective culture, however, postpartum care is absolutely necessary for our long-term health and well-being as women. Mother’s wellness is family’s wellness.
    Postpartum phone/Skype sessions are an opportunity for you to take an hour for yourself —to more deeply integrate your birthing experience, to discuss and resolve the particular challenges presenting themselves to you, and/or to be resourced in whatever way you are wanting. By the end of a consultation, you will feel confident and supported in your next step of Motherhood.
  • Birthworkers who are seeking mentorship support in relation to their practice/business: These phone consultations are crafted to meet your individual needs. Perhaps you love your work as a birthworker, however, to make ends meet, you are working another job (or two)– and you are ready to change this reality. Perhaps you are feeling like you want to re-create the way you are showing up in your practice, and you are wanting support with how to do this. Perhaps an intense birth you attended brought up unresolved trauma within you. Wherever it is that you are at—phone consultations for birthworkers are meant to revive you and support you in doing your life’s work, in abundance and prosperity – on all levels – as it was intended.
  • General mentorship calls to receive support in seeing life’s challenges from a new perspective: All of life is interdependent, and humans are a part of this natural order. A natural stress response for women is to seek out other women — as it helps to regulate our stress levels through the production of Oxytocin (‘the hormone of love’). Sometimes this manifests as our women friends or family, and sometimes we seek support from an outside source in order to challenge the places we are stuck and redirect us towards potential and possibility. I am here to support you in the way you are wanting to be supported.

Consultations are approximately 1-hour


$211/1-hour session