FREE ONLINE CLASS: Ancestral Grief & Ancestral Healing

Tuesday, April 14th at 1pm MST

All humans have ancestors – no matter what culture or race we pertain to.  All of our ancestors have experienced trauma. All of our ancestors carry immense gifts.  To access the gifts of our respective lineages, we heal the trauma of our respective lineages.

At this time, it is imperative we examine and dismantle the indoctrinations we have all been fed – relative to supremacy, subservience and shame.  At this time it is also imperative to focus our attention on the sacred foundation of Life – which provides us with the necessary understandings to CREATE a reality based in honor, respect and harmony.

During this free webinar we will:

  • Orient to humanity’s collective history
  • Explore the common narratives in regards to ancestral grief and ancestral healing
  • Address ancestral grief & healing within the context of the childbearing continuum
  • Offer practical tools in navigating through ancestral grief, to reclaim the legacies of our respective lineages.

This free webinar will be offered by Rachelle Garcia Seliga and Jose Juan Garcia Alfaro, wife and husband, who have been working together with families during the childbearing continuum and ceremonially for over 10 years.

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